Got You Covered Entertainment, the locally based event planning company that helps their clients create unique and unforgettable special events, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year. Founded in 2003 by Eric Cheroske, who now runs the company with his wife Paige and daughter Jamie, Got You Covered Entertainment has persevered over the course of two decades while surviving the closures of COVID-19 — and the company continues to evolve to best suit its clients’ needs.
“There have been a lot of changes over the past 20 years,” says Cheroske, founder, director of sales and events and talent management for the company. “When we were first growing the brand, I was out there in the trenches, loading in and out, DJ’ing, staffing… doing everything that needed to be done. Through consistent hard work and always doing right by our clients, we are a well-rounded machine at this point.”
Got You Covered started small, mostly coordinating live music at bars and restaurants and DJ’ing at weddings. Fast-forward 20 years and the company has a grown to accommodate a number of local casino, country club and corporate event contracts. And while weddings continue to be a large aspect of their business, they have reached a new echelon.
“Post-COVID, events have really become next level,” says Cheroske. “Once lockdowns lifted, people wanted to go out and have fun. They wanted a reason to celebrate. They wanted, and continue to want, those celebrations to be over the top.”
And the team at Got You Covered is happy to oblige. It is their mission to connect their clients with exceptional and professional entertainment options and to go above and beyond to ensure that every detail aligns with their clients’ vision to create an unforgettable experience that surpasses expectations.
The team has been doing so for 20 years through the cultivation of strong relationships with talented artists and performers who are passionate about their craft. They also work closely with these talented professionals to make sure attention to detail, unparalleled customer service and stress-free planning from start to finish is enveloped in the overall experience. 
Got You Covered works with a variety of talent including live bands, DJs, specialty acts and innovative performers such as impersonators, stand-up comedians, aerialists and more to provide clients with a diverse roster of entertainment options that suit every taste and style. And as the company has grown and evolved to meet the demand of their clients over the past two decades, management refuses to sit back on their laurels. 
“We’ll continue to work our tails off to make sure our clients and their guests are having the time of their lives at our events,” says Cheroske. “We want to keep doing what we’re doing for at least another 20 years.” And while he adds they may expand into a second location as they continue to grow, they intend to remain an Arizona-only brand, serving the state they live in and that they love.