Opened in March of 2019 and recently renamed, Haloe Health is using an ancient-meets-technologically advanced method to reduce pain and rejuvenate patient’s health using nothing more than something that already resides within us all — energy.

All former professional athletes, partners and co-founders of Haloe Health Roy Ellis, and brothers Kameron Loe and Cody Loe have each experienced the impacts of the technology they bring to their patients. Using this technology allowed them to heal from sometimes career-ending injuries in the world of professional sports, and even allowed them to extend the lives of their careers multiple years. After experiencing the incredible benefits of this method for themselves, they decided after they were done playing sports, they would dedicated their lives to helping others experience pain relief and healing this way.

The electroceutical treatments offered at Haloe Health employ a device that actually detoxifies and re-energizes dormant cells which triggers them to start working properly again, and to do what the body is naturally designed to do, which is heal itself.

“Anything bad for you cannot thrive in a healthy cell environment,” explains Ellis. “This technology sends an energy signal that penetrates the dormant cells and starts detoxifying them, allowing them to start healing the body up to 500 times faster than other therapies, medication or even surgeries.”

Since the body communicates through an intricate electrical network, it makes sense that electricity can help heal it — even from the outside in. In essence, the treatment at Haloe Health provides a delivery of energy that allows the body to heal.

Calling it a combination of ancient wisdom and cutting edge technology, Haloe Health actually employs similar approaches to healing as some of the oldest cultures in society. “What we do at Haloe Health is based upon one of the oldest schools of thought on this planet when it comes to how our bodies heal,” says Cody. He refers to the ancient Mesopotamian culture, whose people that needed healing would stand on a specific fish that emitted a very small electric current, as well as Chinese and Japanese cultures that relied on electric eels for health benefits and healing.

Cody adds that this technology has been around for more than 40 years, but it’s really “brand new” to the world. “This device is a new-age modality based on technology from 1936, but it offers so many benefits beyond just healing pain. We really want to unify and educate the community about this industry of electroceuticals.”

Some of these benefits patients have experienced include improved gut function, reduced migraines, relief from pain in the back, hips, and elbows and PTSD and traumatic brain injury, improved digestion and thyroid function, improved sleep, more energy and even relief from allergies, hot flashes and more. “We don’t promise those results, we just apologize if anything else goes away besides your pain,” teases Ellis.

After discovering the device, Cody began getting educated on it and became a lead trainer, writing protocols for its use and understanding even more ways it can be applied to further help people. “We feel lack of education is one of the biggest reasons this technology isn’t being used more,” he says adding, “We love human beings, we love life and we’re all about synergy, being positive and helping people.”

And that’s what they do at Haloe Health. The process is much like a visit to a spa. Kameron explains what patients can expect when they come in for treatment, saying, “When people walk in, we have educational videos on the TV to help explain what happens during each session and how the body communicates through energy.”

Patients are then started on the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) device, a technology that has been used by the likes of the Arizona Diamondbacks as well as NASA. “This gets the blood flowing, starts the oxygen and nutrient intake and the waste take-away,” he says. “This is the warm up for the main session.” This takes places in a shiatsu massage chair in a Zen room, which patients can enjoy before or after a session. “Everything we offer is very relaxing, very therapeutic — and it’s all 100 percent natural and 100 percent safe,” he adds.

During the main session, technicians speak to patients about their issues or pain, and then an intelligent microcurrent is used to interface with the body and read frequencies through the skin. “It shoots frequencies into the body and pings off scar tissue and cells that are low energy or infected. It’s essentially looking for electrical signatures that don’t match homeostasis, which is a perfect, vibrant cell that is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.” Once these cells are detected, the technicians deliver the right amount of energy in the form of a corrective energy signal to the cells. “We’re not doctors, we’re simply facilitating your amazing body to heal itself,” Kameron says.

The length of each session, as well as the number of sessions needed vary by person and the severity of their injuries or needs. That means sessions can range from between 15 to 30 minutes, to an hour and a half to two hours – but most are about 30 to 45 minutes. Membership programs are available, but membership is not required. People are welcome to come in and try one session or packages for three, six, and 10 sessions are available for purchase as well.

Services are broken down into three main categories: wellness, beauty and performance. Wellness sessions focus on overall care and relief from daily aches and pains such as headaches and sore feet or respiratory and digestive issues. Beauty packages include relaxing beautification techniques (sans needles or burning) for crow’s feet, jowls, dark circles and blemishes, scarring and more. Finally, the performance packages are geared toward those looking to up their game, hone skills and can target areas specific for eye, inner ear, spine and core; rotator cuff, scapula, lower back and hips, legs and feet.

Located at 5415 E. High Street #107 in North Phoenix, Kameron reveals why they chose this High Street location for their business. “Right when we walked in, we knew this was it. It has a good flow and energy, and it was originally built out as a doctor’s office so it has what we need,” he says. “Plus from here we have views of Camelback Mountain and a fountain in the courtyard right out front.” And when it comes to renewing energy, atmosphere is important too!