It’s been two years! Can you believe it? Maybe you know our story, and maybe we are newly ‘friends’…

January 2017, on a whim, we decided to take on a local newspaper called the Deer Valley Times. Did we have publishing experience? No, why would we? Jumping in head first, our first official issue on our own was in February and it looked amazing, even if we do say so ourselves. Some quick changes to distribution, a couple of new sales people and BAM, we were off to the races! So there was one.

By summer 2017 we were in the mode of, ‘If one is good, then two would be great!’ Isn’t that the way all businesses work? So was born the North Tatum Times. The community adopted this paper here so fast our heads were spinning with excitement! Now we had two.

A little less than a year later, we were introduced to a lovely community by the name of North 32nd. This community was amazing and just in dire need for a way to communicate all of the new things happening between the merchants, government and residents. Welcome to the world, North 32nd News. And then we were three.

A few months after that came a knock at our door…’What would you think of a quiet community up in North Scottsdale?’ After some research and a few meetings, there was no way to say no. On came Scottsdale North News. That made four.

What would be next? Could we wait for another adventure? Of course not! A new area was brought to our attention, Scottsdale’s golden zip code. So welcome to the family our newest paper, The Scottsdale Standard. Its inaugural issue is this month and already it’s been a huge success. This new paper makes us a fabulous five.

Recently Heidi Koffman, who we initially purchased the Deer Valley Times from, has rejoined our team as our Director of Sales and we couldn’t be more excited. Things have really come full circle in such a short period of time.

Our five papers direct mail to over 100,000 homes and businesses each month, spanning from the I-17 to Scottsdale Road, and from Shea Boulevard to Carefree Highway. We’ve seen communities brought together with good old-fashioned communication and support of your neighbor. Even our own family is involved. Our oldest son Anthony writes our movie reviews, and our youngest son Gavin has helped deliver papers to rack locations. And of course, myself and my husband have both written articles, sold ads, delivered papers, held networking groups and everything else needed to make a family business successful.

We want to take this time to thank you all for making this whirlwind trip a happy and prosperous one. We are so grateful to be welcomed into your homes each month. What’s next you may ask? Well we don’t know for sure, but we are eyeing some new communities that are just itching for a new way to come together as one….

From our family to yours,
Happy New Year!

Natasha and Brian Beal