By Heather Wall of Club 42
Permanent Cosmetics at Vivify

Q. How long does permanent makeup last?
A. Permanent makeup is…permanent. So why do you need touch ups? Because color fades, and chemicals/treatments we use on our face effect it. Personally, I don’t like permanent makeup to be overwhelming. If people notice your eyeliner before they notice you – it’s too strong. I recommend to my clients that they come in for a refresh every year. Your make up stays fresh without overpowering. Touch ups are generally less than $100, so it is very reasonable.

Q. Does permanent makeup hurt? It sounds like it should, right?
A. I can’t say that it is completely painless, but if your technician takes the time to numb you, you should be just fine. Ask your technician what she uses. Unless she is practicing under a doctor’s license, she shouldn’t use anything that is prescription strength. I’ve done make up for 20 years and have never needed to utilize anything that’s not over-the-counter strength. Important advice: Be on time for your appointment so you don’t lose any time for numbing!

Q. What’s the difference between permanent makeup and microblading?
A. 30 years ago, people referred to Permanent Makeup as Micro Pigmentation. It was their way of making it not sound like a tattoo. The same thing goes with Microblading. It sounds a lot better than slicing the skin. Microblading places small scratches or slices in the skin followed by rubbing pigment into the area and letting it stay. This can create a hair-like stroke if done properly, which stays for approximately 6 months. Permanent makeup is done much like a tattoo, where a tiny needle is used to implant the color just above the dermis. I prefer to do mine by hand rather than machine. Hair strokes can be created, or you can also have a shaded brow. You can expect this to last many years without any touch up, although the color will fade and lighten. Permanent makeup lasts longer simply because it is deposited deeper in the skin. Microblading cannot go too deep or it would lay open the skin.
Q. Can I have lash extensions with my permanent makeup?
A. Yes. Permanent makeup is a beautiful accent to lashes because it makes them look fuller and is maintenance free. You just can’t do them at the same time. If my client has already been coming to me for lashes and wants eyeliner, I simply book the appointments to accommodate healing time in line with her lash refill.

Q. What are your words of advice?
A. Be conservative. You can always go bigger, thicker or darker. It would be better to add a little bit when you get all dressed up than have to use concealer on a regular basis. Stick to classic colors and don’t go trendy. You can always apply trendy color over the top.