HI, MY NAME IS… Jordan Kunz.

I’VE LIVED IN SURPRISE FOR SEVEN YEARS AND I LOVE IT BECAUSE… prior to living here, I moved around and would stay in an area for up to a year at a time. This is the first place we have finally settled down. We have started a family here and grown our business here and I love it because of that.
A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES… making breakfast for my family. I get to spend most days with my family, and I love it! Most days I get to take care of backend office stuff for Can Clean Pros.

MY FAMILY IS… my partner in life and wife, Shanelle Kunz, and three great kids, Brielle (6), Jett (4), Sienna (2).

ONE THING I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IS… family, I get to spend most of my days with them. They are my everything

MY FAVORITE MOVIE I COULD NEVER GET TIRED OF WATCHING AND WHY… is “Star Wars.” I love space and the idea of other life out there.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER, I WANTED TO BE… in the Airforce. I always wanted to fly the jets, but once I found out you had to have perfect vision, I lost all desire to join.

THE SONG I WOULD SING AT KARAOKE NIGHT IS… nothing! One thing I will never do is sing karaoke! Ha!

THE ONE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS… Tony Robbins. He’s so inspiring.

THE LAST THING THAT MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD WAS… when something broke on one of our trucks, it was such a small part that caused a lot of headaches but was so simple.

THE PERFECT DAY IS… a day with just me and my wife spending time together not having to worry about anything else in the world except each other.


MY LIFE IS… outstanding. I’m so grateful for the life I have. My life isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
THE BEST GIFT I’VE EVER RECEIVED WAS… a surprise trip to lake Powell from my wife for my birthday. It was a trip I wanted to take since I was a young. She surprised me for my 30th birthday.

MY DREAM VACATION WOULD BE… a trip to a place that you can scuba dive with a blue whale.

THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS… happiness is a mindset not a lifestyle.