Hi, my name is… Dr. Leland Webb, M.D., but most people know me as Leland.
I’ve lived in the Desert Ridge area for two years and I love it because… Arizona is an amazing state. We have the desert, snow, lakes, pine trees, and a little bit of the wild west. Our neighborhoods are great, and the public schools are top notch near our home. We love that we can let our kids ride their bikes to school. It’s also such a great place to access all the Phoenix area with ease.

A typical day in my life includes… Getting up around 4:30 a.m. to get a morning workout in before the day starts. I like to put about 25 to 30 miles under me on my bike. Then it’s a quick breakfast with some strong coffee, prayer time with my wife, and off to my practice, Webb Plastic Surgery (webbplasticsurgery.com), to care for patients. I am thankful to have the opportunity to provide plastic surgery services at two locations: in Paradise Valley and Phoenix. I love the chance to help people meet their goals with plastic surgery or help them find restoration in reconstruction and surgical care. I also have the privilege to pay it forward to veterans on the days I work at the VA hospital.

My family is… My amazing wife, Sarah, and our two kids: Gabe (12) and Mallory (11). We are a team and love hiking, playing games, pizza movie night, and adventures together.

One thing I cannot live without is… My family. They are my rock, and I am thankful for the moments we have together, the challenges we overcome, the great memories we have created together, and the excitement yet to come.

My favorite movie I could never get tired of watching and why… “Goonies.” I love the adventure of these kids and their pursuit to save the day. My sister, myself, and our friends all used to dream about being the Goonies and taking off on some wild escapade together.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… An astronaut, and according to my mom, my kindergarten teacher said that that was a real possibility because “all I did was took up space.” I have always wanted to stand on the moon.

The song I would sing at Karaoke night is… “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel.

The one person who motivates me is… My wife, Sarah. She knows just the words to tell me whether it’s hard to hear or encouraging to keep me going and wake me up. She has always been a blessing on my life.
The last thing that made me laugh out loud was… My kids’ jokes.

The perfect day… Getting a solid bike ride in to start the day followed by spending time with my wife and kids, whether it is an outdoor activity or chill time together as a family.

My favorite local nonprofit is… Our home church, Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV). I love the mission of the church to show people love in the Valley.

Some favorite activities include… Cycling, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, spending time with my kids, outdoor ventures, overseas and foreign travel, and quiet date nights with my wife.

My life is… A constellation of epic adventures, efforts, excitement, and opportunities. We have been able to see the world as I served in the Air Force, meet amazing people, open our home, and share our experiences. Authenticity and availability to the people around me is an important capstone of my life.

The best gift I’ve ever received was… My wife’s love. As my college sweetheart, we started our young adult lives together and she has given us the family that we have and the home that is so welcoming every day. This is my most treasured gift.

My dream vacation would be…
Some sort of epic adventure like backpacking, canyoneering, and experiencing the peace of nature. However, as I get a little bit older, I realize that my dream vacation is really the dream vacation that my wife and kids always love because I enjoy my time with them so much, so an all-inclusive beach vacation is always a favorite.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received… “Do your best and do the right thing.” My parents never demanded perfection out of me, however, they always asked me if I did my best. No one knows the answer to that more than each individual and this has motivated me to continue to strive for my best.