Information and Graphic
Courtesy of the City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix is in the early stages of making pedestrian and other safety improvements to the North 32nd Street Corridor. The current study will be focused on North 32nd Street between East Shea Boulevard and East Cholla Street.

This effort will include evaluating the following alternatives:
• Right-sizing the roadway for current and anticipated traffic volumes.
• Widening sidewalks for pedestrian safety.
• Adding dedicated bike lanes.
• Increasing the landscape elements within the corridor.

Construction of State Route 51 resulted in a corresponding decrease in traffic volume along this portion of 32nd Street. This allows the city to study ways to enhance the safety of the road while contributing to a more vibrant community along North 32nd Street.

City officials say that constraints such as overhead power lines on the western side, existing water and sewer lines, high pressure gas lines, and other infrastructure will influence the design options for this area. The city is in the early design phase and concepts will be shared for public comment in the near future. There is no construction schedule for projects in the design phase.

To learn more, including seeing slides from a recent community meeting on this topic, visit This webpage will be updated as more project details come to fruition.

Map of Project Area