JSF Design’s latest venture, JSF Homes, celebrates the essence of living well

By Michelle Talsma Everson
Photos by Kimberly Carrillo

Well-known interior designer Jeffrey Florentine was born into the profession that he loves. He grew up flipping homes—living in resorts and experiencing the home renovation industry from the inside out. Through hard work and an impressive career, he’s done everything from designing homes for popular reality shows like Property Brothers to opening up his own successful interior design firm, JSF Design Inc. His latest venture, JSF Homes, is a topic he’s passionate about—and looks forward to sharing with the Scottsdale community as his business grows.

JSF Homes is the latest division of JSF Design that focuses on taking a fixer-upper and turning it into an exclusive JSF Home. He explains that to make this happen, his in-house real estate team selects a home and shows its future owners its potential through innovative design and technology—including virtual reality renderings.

“A JSF Home will deliver all the amenities, if not more than you would find in most new builds today,” according to JSF Design. “With the focus on renovating in an established neighborhood, you avoid messy new build construction around you, allowing a quicker move-in date than a new build.”

Once a home is selected, Jeffrey and the JSF Design team get to work. “When you hire us, you get me on the job site,” he explains, noting how he is a part of the process from start to finish. “We never take on too much work and are a concierge service; every detail is accounted for and we are transparent through it all. It’s a seamless process.”
Because they focus on just the right amount of projects, there is a short waitlist—but ask and any JSF Home owner will tell you it’s worth the wait.

With decades of experience in luxury real estate, and designing for big-name brands such as Crate & Barrel, Jeffrey explains that—through his work—he and his team can completely transform the look and flow of a home. He notes that, while sometimes interior designers and interior decorators can be confused, a designer, such as himself, is about creating a lifestyle for clients within their homes.

“With a designer, we’re talking about whole home design; everything from the hardscape to how the home flows,” he shares. “Right now, because of the pandemic, we’re seeing a lot of focus on resort living—but at home. In-home bars are popular. So are luxurious guest rooms. With everyone at home more, we’re seeing a resurgence of well thought out and designed homes.”

“During COVID-19 our priorities have changed; we now see our homes as investments more than ever before,” Jeffrey notes.
So, what does a JSF Home look like? Can you walk into one and recognize a signature design? Not particularly—but he’s always focused on quality work, he says. Jeffrey shares that he designs based on the architecture of the home and he loves the little elements that give the home a dramatic impact.

“We take on the role of the home; reimagine the home as it was intended to be,” he explains.

Another important element to JSF Homes are the focus on developing one-of-a-kind designs while using environmentally friendly materials that can survive and thrive in the desert landscape. “Our modern designs are complex and unique and embrace the surrounding Sonoran landscape,” according to JSF Design. “The use of organic materials throughout these homes is both responsible and embodies the essence of living well.”

In addition to the JSF Homes division, JSF Design is known for its continued passion for interior design services of all shapes and sizes in local luxury communities. Every member on its proactive five-person team—which includes Roger Florentine, Jeffrey’s husband of 13 years—are in charge of a different aspect of the business and design process, and have the interior design process down to a science.

“Our passion for creating stylish, organic, and contemporary spaces is matched by our efficiency and creativity in all of our projects,” according to JSF. “Utilizing a mixture of modern and timeless design components with simple and clean lines, JSF Design Inc. captures elegance in a way that rejuvenates, inspires, and encompasses the essence of living well.”

“While the design process is sometimes a challenge—it’s one we’re up for and is always worth the before and after results,” Jeffrey says.

“We always want to make sure the designs aren’t dated and can stand the test of time,” he adds. “We add value to everything we touch.”

Curious about the design process? Jeffrey and his team recently filmed their own miniseries called Reviving Loving Tree that showcases him taking a Desert Mountain home and reimagining floor plans, introducing new innovative materials, and rejuvenating the home to its fullest potential. The series can be seen at RevivingLovingTree.com.

To learn more about JSF Design Inc. and its newest division, JSF Homes, visit jsfdesigninc.com. You can also see examples of their luxurious designs and innovative work by following along on Facebook and Instagram at @jsfdesigninc.