By Scott Gaertner, Associate Broker

Agents come in all shapes and sizes. Some agents are area specialists, and some are jack of all trades covering the entire metropolitan area. So what’s the advantage of using a local area agent and does it translate into more money in your pocket?

Knowledge of the Area
Whatever national trends are happening, a local agent with experience will know the local area inside and out. They know the best neighborhoods, school districts, local amenities, zoning laws, and ordinances, including HOA restrictions and community issues. They can also teach buyers the minor distinctions of the neighborhoods, which in Scottsdale North, is even more important. Buyers need to understand they are not just buying a home; they are buying a lifestyle. And the Scottsdale North lifestyle is vastly different than most of the Valley. Geographically, Scottsdale North has a higher, less congested feel. Topographically, it has the high Sonoran Desert vegetation and impressive mountains and rock outcroppings. And demographically, Scottsdale North has the highest percentage of Baby Boomers in the United States.

We took a survey, and over 35% of the agents who showed Scottsdale North homes were not licensed in Scottsdale. How good of a job can an agent who works in Buckeye do selling an out of state buyer on your home and your lifestyle?

Inside Information
All real estate is local. Whatever the national trends are concerning real estate – whether they are booming or busting–what really matters is the market conditions in your region, town, or neighborhood. If an agent has sold the house across the road, the one down the street, and over the back fence, there is a good chance they know what price point to market your home. An out of area agent can look up the selling prices of the homes, but they won’t have been through previously sold houses to discern how they actually compare to the current listing. Most communities have individual quirks and peculiarities that significantly affect home value. For example, close proximity to the community amenities like clubhouses, tennis courts, and pools can impact a home’s value. That can be good or bad. But only experience over time will tell you which.

Community Oriented
If you have ever been through the buying or selling process, you know how often you may run into a glitch and quickly need a professional to give you a hand. Real estate transactions are a big deal, with tight timelines encompassing everything from landscaping to legal advice. Mortgage specialists, appraisers, interior designers, stagers, electricians, plumbers, home inspectors, and insurance agents all have a role to play. A local, experienced, agent will have invested heavily in building solid relationships with local businesses and trustworthy professionals. They will have all the connections you will ever need during the process and after your closing.

A Database of Prospective Buyers
A good local agent will accumulate a database of hundreds of potential buyers for your home. Their print, postal, and internet marketing will bring them many buyers at all interest levels that they can keep in touch with. Their past clients and business partners will provide them with a steady stream of buyers looking in your area who may be looking for exactly what you have. And they will meet many buyers at their open houses that will say the home they are viewing isn’t quite right, but yours might just be the ticket for them.

Local focused agents are motivated differently than agents who focus on the entire Valley. Word of mouth spreads quickly in a small area like Scottsdale North, and it is magnified for agents that do hundreds of transactions in a small area. These agents live and die by their reputation and protect it vigorously because they are invested in the community. They will usually negotiate differently because their future success is tied directly to their clients’ results in a larger way. If they are good, they can brag about their statistics compared to non-local agents. (For example: we like to brag that, in 2021, our team sold three times more Scottsdale North homes and averaged almost $150,000 more per home on a price per square foot basis, in less than half the time.) Local agents’ clients’ results and relationships matter to them. If trust is important to you, hire a local agent.

A local agent may be your best bet when it comes to your home buying or selling experience. If you’re looking for a new home, or selling one in the area, let me tell you why I have been the top agent in Scottsdale North for over 25 years. To learn more, call 480-634-5000 or visit

Scott Gaertner is an Associate Broker with Keller Williams Northeast, who for the past 25+ years has helped more people to find their lifestyle niche in the Scottsdale North area than anyone else. He also contributes his thoughts on lifestyle interests in the area.