Reviewed by A.D. Beal

Eighth Grade

A 13-year-old girl deals with issues of relationships, self-confidence and love during the last week of eighth grade.

There is so much about Eighth Grade that just works. Writer and director Bo Burnham really ‘gets’ this generation, writing their actions and dialogue in a realistic, non-stereotypical way. It also manages to avoid the pitfalls similar films have, with the main character Kayla (Elsie Fisher) being a character with flaws, but who still manages to feel like a genuine human. The balance of comedy and drama also works, with each scene having the right tone and feelings. Despite some mature content, it is a film that both teenagers and adults will be able to relate to.

Avengers: Infinity War

Nearly every one of Marvel’s heroes join together to stop the mad titan Thanos from collecting all of the Infinity Stones and prevent an extinction-like event.

Infinity War is really more Thanos’ film than it is the Avengers’ film, and the filmmakers take full advantage of that. He is possibly the best villain Marvel has ever had, managing to be both intimidating and emotional at the same time. Emotional is probably the best word to describe this film. Each character, who we’ve spent so much time getting to know, go through some really harsh situations, and the film almost always plays it serious. The entire cast owns their roles, and each probably feel the most ‘real’ they ever have. Alan Silvestri’s score is also amazing, with each bit coming at the right moment. Marvel has a very bright future ahead if films like this are an example of what’s to come.


Three parents set out to stop their teenage daughters from losing their virginity in a pact on prom night.

Blockers seems like a regular teen sex comedy on the surface, and that probably works to its advantage. The film avoids many of the tropes commonly found in these types of films and has more character than usual. The three leads are very funny (with John Cena probably being the breakout), and the actors that play their daughters are also likable. Some of the romances do feel underdeveloped, and while you can see where they’re coming from, you don’t buy them necessarily. It also doesn’t get past the stigma of studio comedies that seem to require that they have bland cinematography and editing. But on the whole, Blockers is an entertaining film.

I Feel Pretty

A woman who lacks self-confidence believes she is the most beautiful woman on Earth after she gets in an accident.

There is a good message in I Feel Pretty, but a good film is more than just it’s message. The lead character Renee (Amy Schumer) is just plain annoying in both her personalities in the film, coming off unlikable and even creepy with some of her actions. There is also no style to this film at all, giving us very boring looking cinematography, generic editing and music choices. The only thing that stuck out about the ‘look’ was the outlandish designs in the office of the corporation Renee works for, because it was something different to look at. Michelle Williams also had funny moments as the boss of Renee. Overall, I Feel Pretty is very forgettable.