It’s that time of year to start thinking about overseeding again! Overseeding is the process of seeding right over existing turf without tearing up any existing soil. It is ideal to start overseeding when the nightly temperature is consistently 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to overseed to keep your summer weeds at a minimum and it gives grass a head start, allowing the roots to plant firmly before the winter cold hits.

There are only a few simple steps to overseeding your lawn in preparation for the colder season. First, you want to be sure to prep your lawn. Start by mowing the grass at the lowest setting and be sure to bag any clippings. Then you want to rake in order to remove any dead grass, loose soil and debris. A metal rake is best to ensure the soil is exposed to the seeds. Once your lawn is prepped, you want to be sure to fill your spreader with seed. This process is easiest if you have a rotary spreader. Once you have spread your seeds over your yard, it is time to water. You want to make sure to water daily or as needed for the first two weeks to ensure the soil stays soft. This is important for prime germination. Using a water timer or a sprinkler system can help ensure your lawn is watered frequently. Once the lawn starts to grow, you can begin to mow again. From this point on, it is easy lawn maintenance.

Enjoy your beautiful winter lawn!

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