With temperatures in the triple digits, most locals aren’t exactly lining up for outdoor activities. But when our team had the opportunity to adopt a street in North 32nd we couldn’t say no. That said, here at North 32nd News we are now the proud adopters of Shea Boulevard from 32nd to 40th Streets.

Our first clean up happened on July 31 and we used Facebook to connect with fellow community members to get a crew together to clean up the street. We met in the wee hours of the morning at 32 Shea, then spent a few hours picking up trash. Thank you to those who came out to help us!

“The long-term effects of keeping our community and environment cleaner are worth the sacrifice of a few hours of time,” says Erica Odello, ad designer.

“An attractive, clean city attracts business enterprise and buying consumers,” shares Sondra Barr, the managing editor of Epic Kids, a sister publication. “It’s always a good feeling to know that you helped contribute to the community and its success.”

To be official street adopters, we have to coordinate a street clean up a minimum of four times a year per the city of Phoenix guidelines. As of press time, our next clean up date hasn’t been decided, but follow our Facebook page @North32ndNews to keep posted. We will create an event when details are finalized.

We can’t wait to continue to do our part to keep North 32nd one of the best (and cleanest) places to live!