Q: How should I choose a handyman to hire?
A: Choosing a handyman can be an overwhelming process! It’s a good idea to start by finding someone local in your area. They can be found in local newspapers (such as this one), or online. Once you find someone you are interested in working with, visit their website. You will want to read their online reviews, as well as view pictures of their past projects.

The next step is to contact the handyman service of your choice and tell them a little about your to-do list. Not only does this give the handyman a scope of the work to be completed, it also allows them to utilize your time most efficiently. Many of the tasks that a handyman does are not difficult but do require specialized tools. Attempting to accomplish these tasks without the proper tools can lead to a do-it-yourself nightmare! Your handyman should be well versed in many areas of repair, making it easy to complete your list. Many companies will want to see the work beforehand, giving you a more accurate estimation of the cost. Other companies may provide you with their hourly rate instead.

Finally, when talking to your handyman, be sure to ask if they carry insurance. Also find out about any warranty or guarantees covering the work completed.

Q: What is the difference between a contractor and a handyman?
A: A contractor is licensed through the state to perform larger specialty tasks for their clients. These may include remodeling bathrooms, removing walls, or building a home. Contractors also generally use subcontractors to complete the project.

A handyman is someone that completes smaller projects or repairs around a home or business. Assembling furniture, installing fixtures, small painting projects, or repairing leaky faucets are examples of a handyman’s expertise. According to the state of Arizona, a handyman does not need to be licensed, but there are guidelines to be followed. The handyman you choose will be able to tell you if your job is out of their scope of work.

Q: What should you expect out of a handyman?
A: When it’s time for your handyman appointment, you should expect your handyman to come prepared with their own tools. It’s not uncommon for a handyman to have some materials on their vehicle, but they may need to make a trip to the store to gather anything they don’t have. Your handyman will get started and move through your list, completing tasks as they go.

Most of all, you should expect your handyman to be honest and respectful during their appointment with you. Developing a working relationship with a handyman should be similar to the relationship you have with a car mechanic. When you find someone you trust and are comfortable using, they will get to know your home and know better how to help you with those projects.