Once a year, in May we celebrate our mothers and all they do for us. But most moms need a pat on the back and support more than once a year – especially brand-new moms. In the first days and weeks after the birth of a child, the transition to motherhood can be very challenging. For breastfeeding moms, the Phoenix area has a lot to offer: La Leche League to the rescue.

La Leche League is a worldwide organization that offers free breastfeeding support by phone and monthly in-person meetings. The Phoenix area has 10 meetings, held every month in different locations throughout the valley. Mothers can come to get help with breastfeeding, meet other nursing mothers and find a community of support. The Leaders are mothers who have nursed their own babies and who have received training in peer-to-peer breastfeeding support.

A typical meeting includes discussion of various topics related to breastfeeding and motherhood but mostly focuses on the questions mothers ask. Many mothers have a tough time getting breastfeeding off to a good start. Other mothers have concerns about going back to work while continuing to breastfeed. Others are looking for a community of support and they come back month after month, asking different questions as their baby grows.

Here in the valley, La Leche League offers daytime and evening meetings. All breastfeeding mothers are welcome to attend meetings and meetings are always free. Pregnant women are encouraged to attend meetings as well. La Leche League meetings can be a great way to learn about breastfeeding before your bundle of joy arrives!

Happy Mother’s Day to all new mothers! We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Contact LLL with questions about our local meeting times and locations. Visit our webpage for more information: https://www.lllofaz.org.