Renderings courtesy of Lane Park

A new entertainment concept, Lane Park, is set to open its doors in May at 7232 E. First St., in Scottsdale, introducing an innovative blend of upscale activities, dining, and socializing across its 8,000-square-foot venue.

The establishment, promising a mix of interactive and internationally inspired games, is designed to offer an immersive experience for adults. From the creation of its specialty cocktail menu by renowned Las Vegas mixologists to the culinary delights prepared by local celebrity Chef Matt Hearn, Lane Park aims to elevate the entertainment and dining scene in Scottsdale.
Lane Park stands out as the city’s first to feature an indoor “bar style” ice curling venue, equipped with four lanes, televisions, and overhead cameras, enhancing the guest experience with a blend of physical activity and social entertainment. Founder and Managing Partner Angelo DiNardo brings over two decades of experience in the Las Vegas hospitality scene to Scottsdale, aiming to create a destination for group gatherings, corporate events, and casual get-togethers.

The venue’s design, inspired by Japandi style and adorned with representations of the endangered Shoebill Stork, reflects an appreciation for outdoor and nature-infused atmospheres, merged with mid-century elegance.
Offering a range of experiential games from Duckpin bowling and axe throwing to Sapo and Carrom, Lane Park caters to diverse interests and preferences. The pricing for these activities will vary between $20 to $40 per person, per hour, ensuring accessibility for different budgets.

In addition to the gaming experience, Lane Park will feature a menu of shareable bites and unique cocktails, with prices ranging from $15 to $20 for food items and $15 to $19 for drinks. Highlights include chicken benders, spicy crab croquette, and signature desserts like apple pie monkey bread.

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