Have you ever wondered how or why the city does something? Are you interested in learning more about the inner workings of local government? Are you considering seeking public office, or an appointment to a city board or commission? If so, then Peoria Leadership Institute may be for you!

What is the Peoria Leadership Institute?
Peoria Leadership Institute offers an in-depth look at all operations of city government. Members will attend class one night per week for nine weeks, where they will learn more about the city’s governmental structure, its budget and finances, public works, utility, police and fire operations through interactive discussions with management staff. The program schedule includes both classroom-style presentations as well as the unique opportunity to visit a police and fire station, courthouse, and other city facilities and participate in hands-on learning with vehicles and equipment.

Who should attend?
Peoria Leadership Institute is enjoyable for everyone but should prove especially insightful for those considering public office or seeking appointment to one of the city’s advisory boards or commissions. It is also valuable for civic-minded residents who are interested in becoming more involved in their community,

The city of Peoria appreciates the opportunity to communicate with citizens about the functions and operations of municipal government. Although the above programs are very informative, there may be specific subjects that you’d like to know more about. With enough public suggestion, we may implement additional citizen education programs, but we need to know what you’d like to know more about.

Classes start April 15 and graduation will be on June 16 at the Peoria City Council meeting. To register, contact Maryann Loya at maryann.loya@peoriaaz.gov.

For more information, visit Peoriaaz.gov/pli.