Legend Has It

By J. Adam Burch and Stacey Lane

Legend has it that the bones of pioneers litter the landscape of a valley twelve miles west of Prescott, Arizona. Throughout the Bradshaw Mountain Range, travelers may well be haunted by mysteries of the historic Old West and stories of native tribal warfare in which territories were marked with the skulls of enemies. Part of the lore that has been passed down over generations, supplies the origin of the name “Skull Valley”—an incident in which U.S. soldiers and bands of natives collided in bloody combat.

Despite the eerie appellation, visitors to Skull Valley, Arizona, desirous of adding more ghost towns to their itinerary, will experience its unique beauty as well as its unique history. Clusters of huge boulders scattered over a landscape of hidden valleys that are home to dense desert vegetation and abundant wildlife add to the character of intrigue that legends impart to the area. Most of the roads here eventually turn to dirt, so travelers may just want to turn off their electronic devices.

Visitors would do well to take up the offer of hospitality from Richard Backman at Skull Valley’s RB Paradise Ranch. Horseback riding is a Ranch specialty with a selection of beautiful horses for every type of rider. Newbies might prefer a one-hour ride, while old hands can enjoy an all-day excursion packing a home-made picnic lunch. Other amenities at RB Paradise Ranch include lodging, meals, archery, lawn games, pistol and rifle shooting and pasture golf to tickle your Western fancy.

The RB Paradise Ranch is located at 550 Ferguson Valley Road in Skull Valley. Contact Richard Backman at 928-830-2917 for detailed information.

Photos by Rapid Fire Photography –  Find it on Facebook