By Michelle Talsma Everson

Purchasing new windows for your home can feel like a necessary evil, but Capstone Windows & Doors aims to offer customers a game changing experience that makes the window buying process pain free and enjoyable.

Greg Johnson, owner of Capstone Windows & Doors, works alongside his son Adam Johnson and their business partner John Small (who owns the shop’s Tucson location). Johnson describes what he believes makes Capstone Windows & Doors stand out in the industry.

“It is very common that the sales process of window and door companies parallel that of a timeshare presentation; a long technical presentation followed by the obligatory ‘You will only get the best pricing if you buy today,’” he explains. “Capstone’s process is much more customer-centered, and that is one of the big reasons we are Google’s highest-rated company [in the industry] in the Phoenix and Scottsdale market.”

Johnson believes that replacing windows and doors is the single most important home improvement that a homeowner can make. “What other home improvement effects the aesthetics of the exterior and interior of the home, makes the home drastically more comfortable to live in with the massive advances in frame and glass efficiency, and if done with careful consideration, will make every backyard or mountain view more spectacular?”

“Shutters, blinds, drapes, shades and sunscreens are all what we call ‘Advil’ for terrible heat conducting windows,” he continues. “If this describes your situation, it’s time to get your view back… Infinity from Marvin replacement windows will ‘remodel your home with new windows’ and be durable enough for Arizona’s extreme climate.”

Capstone Windows & Doors is a partner with the window and door manufacturer Infinity from Marvin. Infinity from Marvin is a Minnesota-based company that was founded over a century ago; their heritage was actually wood framed windows. In the early 1990s they developed a patented window frame material called Ultrex, Johnson explains. Ultrex is a glass-based frame. Johnson describes the manufacturing process as “pultrusion,” where thin strands of strong glass cables, saturated with resins, are pulled through a heated die. Infinity from Marvin is engineered specifically for replacement windows.

Essentially, he shares, the Ultrex material can take the heat—up to 350 degrees.

“We base our discussion with customers every day on science,” he explains. “The biggest reason you feel heat from the windows is the aluminum frame. Aluminum is a conductor, which is basically a freeway for heat and noise infiltration into your home. Most window replacement companies have moved away from that material to a vinyl or vinyl based composite frame. Both vinyl and vinyl based composite frames are classified as thermoplastics. The characteristic of a thermoplastic is that it can move with temperature variation. Vinyl is PVC plastic; it warps when exposed to constant heat. A vinyl window frame is equivalent to a plastic lawn chair; do you really think that will last in our desert climate?”

“We had an amazing experience with Capstone Windows & Doors,” shares a local resident named Ron, who, alongside his wife Nancy, recently worked with Capstone Windows & Doors. “After interviewing five or six companies, we are so happy with our decision. We’ve already referred several of our neighbors to them. They took their time to re-design almost all of our window styles to maximize our view. My wife is a realtor and we both understand what a huge improvement this is to our home.”

“We pride ourselves on being the very best value for our customers,” Johnson shares. “If you can find a company with a comparable product installed by company employees, not subcontractors, at a better price, then buy it! You simply will not find it. Infinity from Marvin has already done the vetting for you. They hand pick what they determine as the best installation company in a local market.”

In the 1990s, Johnson built over 150 homes in Washington state as a general contractor and he has spent the last 22 years in the window replacement business. He adds that, in addition to a quality product, what makes his business stand out is their focus on providing their customers with quality service.

Johnson says that once a customer chooses to work with Capstone Windows & Doors, they handle everything—from the first pressure-free consultation to the design and installation of the windows and doors.

Some of the perks of the process include:

In-home Consultation
• Concise discussion of product and design options.
• Vast knowledge about products and industry standards.
• No commission salespeople or high pressure gimmicks.
• Same-as-cash and financing options through GreenSky.

• Diligent about dust/mess containment.
• In-house installation crews.
• Installation visit from company owner.
• Installation process evaluated and endorsed by Infinity from Marvin.

• The heat is gone!
• Your window coverings will be used only for privacy.
• Your home will be quieter.
• Dust/allergens will be drastically reduced.
• Your great views transitioned to amazing!
“Valley residents often live in their homes like cave dwellers because they are doing any measure possible to keep that intense desert heat from infiltrating their home,” Johnson says. “But, with Infinity by Martin replacement windows and doors, you will enjoy the beautiful view plus keep a cooler home since the material stands up to the heat so well.”

Making window and door replacement affordable is very important to Capstone Windows & Doors. “Get started with the windows or doors that are making the biggest negative impact on your home,” Johnson advices. “About 40 percent of the time, customers do their project in stages.”

This month, Johnson shares that if new customers buy two windows or doors, they get the third for 60 percent off.

“If you want to maximize your views, we can help you remodel and restructure your home with replacement windows and doors,” says Johnson. “Create beautiful views for your home while protecting your family against the harsh climate. Reduce heat, noise, and dust to improve privacy and comfort. Capstone Windows & Doors uses only the finest, superior, and high-end window replacement products for your home.”

Capstone Windows & Doors offers Infinity by Marvin replacement windows and doors in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Visit or call 480-800-8444 to learn more.