Eagle Ridge Elementary School, Explorer Middle School, Greenway Middle School, and Vista Verde Middle School have received the Anti-Defamation League® No Place for Hate® designation for creating safe and respectful learning environments and bringing awareness to issues of bullying and bias throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

Each school has taken its own approach to implement and instill the values of the No Place for Hate motto in students and staff members.

Explorer Middle School
At Explorer Middle School, the No Place for Hate motto challenged the staff to create social/emotional learning opportunities throughout the year that promote tolerance and acceptance. For example, through the “mix-it-up” event at lunch, students were challenged to sit at a table with seven of their peers, picked at random, and carry out a conversation with them using conversation starters. This provided an opportunity for Explorer students to get to know other students that might not normally be in their social circles.

“The No Place for Hate designation is a great accomplishment for our school as we continue to provide a positive, inclusive learning environment for all of our students,” says Kyle Shappee, principal at Explorer Middle School.

About ADL No Place for Hate
ADL’s anti-bias, allyship, and bullying prevention programs assist PreK-12 grade educators and students in understanding and challenging bias, building ally behaviors, and creating a climate of respect. No Place for Hate guides schools toward fostering and maintaining a positive school climate through campus-wide activities, student leadership, and community involvement.