By Shay Moser

Wayne Gibson has been a first responder for a local fire department for 17 years. As part of his role, he’s asked a lot about hydration and wellness. That led him to start his business, Infinity Mobile IV Pros in 2021.

Serving the Phoenix metro area, Infinity Mobile IV Pros provides IV drips for everything from energy boosts to anti-aging. Drips help with hangovers, overall hydration, immunity boosts, and more.

“In Arizona, most of the population doesn’t realize how dehydrated they are,” says Gibson. “Most people go through their daily lives and do their thing because your body compensates. When you’re feeling a little dehydrated or slow, you get the hydration pack. Your body gets pumped back up again.”

IV hydration has been around for years but was typically only offered in the hospital setting for those who were dehydrated, nauseated, deficient, and needed vitamin and electrolyte supplementation. Infinity Mobile IV Pros provides IV hydration outside of the hospital to those with non-life-threatening illnesses. (Always consult with your primary physician regarding any severe health conditions.)
“It’s safe. We’re overseen by a medical doctor with advanced protocols in place for patients’ safety and health,” Gibson says. “You must fill out a questionnaire, so we know your allergies, your conditions. Then, if we have a question, we consult our doctor.”

Infinity Mobile IV Pros come to customers at a time and in a location that works best for them. Gibson says he’s gone to people’s homes, businesses, and even met a man at a bar.

IV infusion therapy, which is what Gibson’s company specializes in, is when fluids, nutrients, and medications are given intravenously for 100% absorption. Intravenous means administered directly into the bloodstream through your veins instead of taking fluids, vitamins, and medications orally. This method bypasses the digestive system and allows quick and complete absorption directly into the cells, allowing users to feel better quickly.

“Taking vitamins and minerals provides some benefits to your body, but the process of digestion breaks down these nutrients, meaning your body absorbs only a fraction of what you ingest,” explains Gibson.

The added benefit of all infusions is instant hydration, bringing relief from dehydration immediately. Gibson says all IV infusions and shots are administered by professional, licensed, experienced registered nurses and certified paramedics.

Some of Infinity Mobile IV Pros’ popular IV infusions include Vitamin D infusion therapy, B12 infusions, and Vitamin C infusions. There’s also an Immune Booster IV infusion, perfect when cold and flu season is just around the corner.

“The most popular treatment people request from us is to help them feel better when they’re not feeling well — whether they think they’ve got COVID or are not feeling right. So, they’ll reserve the Mega Myers Cocktail, filling in for vitamins and hydrating them.”

It also benefits athletes, the elderly, or those who exercise regularly. It’s also helpful for people who work outdoors in construction or landscaping or hot attics like heating and air conditioning workers.

“We serve a lot of athletes,” says Gibson, adding that it helps them recover instantly.

IV infusion therapy helps to replenish, rehydrate, and refresh athletes’ bodies after intense physical activity. It also drastically improves post-workout recovery, restores the body’s electrolyte and hydration levels, and quickens muscle recovery.
Gibson says the frequency of need for IV infusion therapy varies for each person. Some of his clients need it once, while others require a more frequent hydration schedule.

“It can be a one-time thing, but it depends on your need and what you’re looking to get out of it,” he says. “You can get it for maintenance every two weeks or monthly. But, again, it all depends on what you’re hoping to achieve.”

According to Gibson, he has standard drips that he routinely uses, or a customer can request a custom drip based on their individual need.

“We discuss your health and wellness goals and determine which option or combination of options is best suited for your desired results,” says Gibson.

Depending on your health and wellness goals, individuals can choose IV pushes, shots, and IV infusions.

Infinity Mobile IV Pros administers an IV push intravenously, but it differs from a traditional IV treatment because it’s a more concentrated solution. “It takes very little time, so it’s the perfect solution for those in a hurry or without the time to sit for a full infusion,” Gibson explains.

When it comes to B12 shots and injections, Infinity Mobile IV Pros provide different cocktail solutions. Myers and Mega Myer’s cocktails deliver B complex, B12, Vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and glutathione for energy and wellness. For an energy boost, Gibson recommends the Titan Energy cocktail or adding glutathione shots and injections to other cocktails for a customized solution.

“We offer same-day appointments or customers can schedule in advance by calling or visiting our website,” says Gibson.
For more information about Infinity Mobile IV Pros, please visit or call 602-717-5750.

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