By Sondra Barr
Over the last three decades, Scott Gaertner, a prominent local Realtor, has not only sold homes but helped shaped and cement the community identity of Scottsdale North. His passion for this unique corner of the Valley has led to a series of innovative projects aimed at enhancing local identity and supporting small businesses. The latest in these ventures is the cutting-edge CSN Map program, a digital tool designed to transform how residents and visitors interact with the Scottsdale North landscape and its businesses.
Gaertner has been instrumental in shaping the area from the beginning. His journey began with significant roles in developing key lifestyle communities such as Desert Mountain, Terravita, and Winfield. However, Gaertner’s passion extends beyond selling homes. He is committed to fostering a tight-knit community and boosting local businesses that are often overshadowed by the city’s rapid growth and the proliferation of big box stores.
Scottsdale North, a community known for its stunning beauty, holds a special place in Gaertner’s heart. “I’ve always seen the potential here—not just for real estate, but for a thriving community spirit,” Gaertner says. “In my experience, the more people understand the area, the more they love it.”
“Scottsdale North’s small businesses often remain hidden treasures, overshadowed by their limited exposure,” he explains. “Scottsdale stretches nearly 30 miles, and we’re located at its northernmost point. We’re in a rural area, far from the hustle and bustle of the city center and where the city council and chamber of commerce are focused. That’s why I’m working on creating a ‘Scottsdale North Chamber of Commerce,’ of sorts, to represent our part of town.”
The sequence of innovations started with “Scottsdale North News,” the paper you’re reading now, which became a platform for community voices and local issues. It was followed by Connecting Scottsdale North, a digital hub aimed at fostering stronger community ties. Adding to this, the Connecting Scottsdale North Gift Card was introduced to encourage local spending, supporting businesses struggling with the economic impacts of the pandemic and the shift to online shopping.
Yet, Gaertner didn’t stop there. Collaborating with team member Kate Duffy, he recently launched CSN Map, accessible through the Connecting Scottsdale North website. This tool is a first-of-its-kind interactive map offering an aerial view of everything from lifestyle communities and shopping centers to golf courses, medical offices, and HOAs. “It’s a gateway to discover the pulse of Scottsdale North,” Duffy says.
For residents and visitors alike, CSN Map offers a comprehensive look at what Scottsdale North has to offer. Whether you’re in search of a new dining spot, a reliable health and beauty service, or even a new home, this tool can guide you to the perfect destination. The interactive map isn’t just a static, 1,000-foot view; with just a click, you can drill down for a deeper dive into categories such as:
Shopping and Dining: With locations for over 14 shopping centers and 40 food and drink options that can further be filtered down by type, users can find the best places to shop and dine, including those that accept the Scottsdale North Gift Card.
Health Services: Detailed listings for doctors and medical practices and medical centers ensure healthcare is never more than a few clicks away.
Lifestyle and Leisure: From fitness and training centers to religious institutions and public and private golf courses, every aspect of lifestyle is covered.
Local Amenities: The map covers essential services like health and beauty services, personal and professional services, and even spots for animal care.
A Comprehensive Look into Communities
One of the standout features of the CSN Map is its ability to provide in-depth information about residential communities within Scottsdale North. This is especially valuable for potential homebuyers or new residents looking to find a place that fits their lifestyle. The map details:
HOAs and Lifestyle Communities: Users can explore 16 communities in total, including 12 lifestyle communities, each with its own unique features.
Community Amenities: Detailed filters allow users to discover which communities have amenities like social organizations, clubhouses, dog parks, and fitness centers. This includes specific interests such as pickleball courts, hiking trails, and extensive information on pool and spa facilities.
Real Estate Listings: Dive into active listings within each community.
Interactive Features for Enhanced User Experience
CSN Map is a dynamic tool that invites interaction. Users can click on any point of interest to receive detailed information, including small business spotlight videos, to get to know the local business owners and their stories. These spotlights are part of Gaertner’s broader effort to support and promote local businesses through various initiatives.
A Tool for Today and Tomorrow
Gaertner’s vision for the CSN Map program is not just about addressing current needs but also anticipating future growth. “As Scottsdale North evolves, we want CSN Map to evolve with it. We are constantly updating and refining the map to ensure it meets the needs of the community and stays current with new developments,” says Gaertner.
The program also promises to revolutionize real estate marketing in the area by providing potential homebuyers with a detailed overview of what each community has to offer. “Whether it’s finding a home near a top-rated golf course or a neighborhood with the best fitness options or social opportunities, or active listings, CSN provides that insight,” Gaertner adds.
As CSN Map gains traction, Gaertner and Duffy are reaching out for community feedback to enhance its features and to help highlight more businesses. “Everything we’ve done, from the newspaper to this map, has been about building connections,” Gaertner says. “It’s about creating a sense of place and helping people love Scottsdale North as much as I do.”
With such comprehensive efforts and innovative thinking, Gaertner continues to redefine what it means to be a community-oriented Realtor, making Scottsdale North not just a location, but a destination to discover, experience, explore, and cherish.
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