Melissa Fink’s stroke happened three days after she delivered her first child. She was in the hospital and inpatient rehabilitation hospital for a month to get better and learn to walk and use her left arm again. Then she had a smaller stroke two months later. After about a year and a lot of therapy, she was back to what most would say “normal” but she says she does have some lingering effects – different sensory sensation on her left side, bad memory and inability to come up with the words she wants to say, dizziness/lightheadedness.—-As a lover of all things girly and pink, becoming the owner of Girly Girlz in Scottsdale was a perfect fit for Melissa Fink. After nearly two decades in the communications/marketing field, Fink was ready to take a leap of faith and become an entrepreneur. Owning her own business has taught Fink the importance balance as she strives to reach her long-term goals, while learning to be flexible and realistic.

Fink’s background in communications/marketing helps her hone in on her customers’ needs and expectations and fulfill them. Having grown up in Scottsdale, and currently residing in the neighborhood near her business, allows Fink to connect and establish personal relationships with her clients.

From princess parties to rock star fantasies and creative summer camps, Fink understands that each customer has a unique personality and a drive to have an experience built especially for them.  Fink’s tenacity and perseverance is exemplified daily – both personally and professionally. When she was in her 20s she lost her sister in a drunk-driving crash and then suffered a stroke after her first child was born. Battling back after these crises provided Fink with a “can-do” attitude that fuels her strong work ethic and her belief that nearly anything is possible.

As the mother of two boys, Fink enjoys baking (and eating), spending time outdoors in the beautiful Arizona weather, and carving out quality time with her supportive husband. Fink serves on the Board of her sons’ Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). She has also been the top fundraiser for the annual Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Arizona walk for almost a decade and is heavily involved in the organization as a whole.