By Emma Wolff

According to a 2019 Forbes study, 79% of women report a significant amount of stress in their day-to-day lives. COVID-19 is just intensifying these feelings. In a time where women are stretched thin, businesses are trying to help them find relief. Moment of Truth Healing Space in Peoria is a West Valley establishment doing exactly that.

As a local business, the healing space offers a range of services and experiences to promote health and wellness. Within the facility, there is a physical therapy practice with three physical therapists on hand, a massage therapist, a yoga studio, a holistic nutritionist, a midwife, and a counselor. Each business in the healing facility works in unison to help their clients find a path to healing.

Amy Vander Linden, owner of Moment of Truth Physical Therapy, has a goal to provide a place for women to feel healthy and empowered. She’s been a physical therapist for more than 20 years and has owned the practice since 2012. Amy created the healing space as a safe and warm environment for local women to find true whole-body wellness.

“This is a unique space that focuses on mind, body and wellness in one location,” she says. “With all these healing practitioners in one space, there is something to meet everyone’s needs. We get to the root cause of a client’s issues to provide lasting relief. We focus on our patient’s pelvic health while building confidence in their body’s ability to heal and move well. Plus, we have a wide variety of yoga classes in a beautiful studio.”

Amy and her team are passionate about helping women heal and educating them about their wellbeing. Moment of Truth Physical Therapy offers unique services, including pre- and post-partum care as well as pelvic physical therapy and massage. All the practices at Moment of Truth Physical Therapy focus on the entire body to uncover issues and provide solutions.

The Moment of Truth Healing Space also has a yoga studio that offers in-house yoga classes to deepen the healing process. They offer a wide variety of classes including slow flow yoga, Buti yoga and aerial hammock yoga. There are an average of two classes each day and anyone can participate either in-person or virtually.

Janet Havenga is one of the yoga instructors and also a holistic nutrition coach. “Moment of Truth Healing Space is the best place to be for all things wellness,” she says. “When you walk through our doors, every service available will encourage overall wellbeing. Any goals you have for your mental, physical and personal health can be achieved and supported here.”

Both Amy and Janet offer a consultation at no cost for their services. The complimentary consultation provides those interested in Moment of Truth Healing Space the opportunity to get to know the healthcare providers and the services they offer. Through this process, patrons get the chance to make informed decisions about their health. The consultation can be in-person or via Zoom.

For clients interested in learning more about women’s health, Amy and Jocelyn Connolly, the pelvic floor physical therapists, each host weekly podcasts. Amy’s podcast, called “Bellies, Babies and Birth,” connects families to resources and information. Jocelyn’s podcast, “Real Talk with the Pelvic Docs,” provides information surrounding women’s wellness.

For more information about the Moment of Truth Healing Space, call 623-226-4002 or visit their location at 8765 W. Kelton Lane, B5E in Peoria.

For more information about Moment of Truth Physical Therapy, visit their website at

To learn more about the space’s yoga practice, or to obtain a class schedule, visit Healingspace.Punchpass.Com/classes, or for nutrition guidance, the Facebook group,