Last year, Vern Haugen opened his first revolutionary concept in luxury automotive storage known as Motor Vault. Haugen, a seasoned real estate developer and connoisseur of fine automobiles, built this based on a personal need after downsizing his home and encountering a predicament many Valley residents can relate to – a lack of garage space for his collection of vehicles.
As he searched for a solution, Haugen was intrigued by the existing toy garage concept but says, “I wanted a more social, country club-like atmosphere.” His requirements were well defined: Build in a convenient, centralized location. Offer customizable suites with various floor plans and sizes to accommodate even the tallest trailered boats and motorhomes. Shield prized possessions from the unrelenting summer sun and heat of Arizona. Haugen says he wanted to do all of this while creating a sanctuary for fellow auto enthusiasts at the same time, “one that fosters a lifestyle and a sense of belonging.” That is exactly what he has done with his first location, Motor Vault – Fountain Hills, which opened in May 2023.
Haugen has set Motor Vault up as the premier development for luxury garage suite ownership and more.
Motor Vault member, Chip Beck, says it best: “This is like my treehouse when I was a young kid. It’s my space, my stuff, my rules. At home, there were rules, restrictions, expectations, and limits. But not at Motor Vault. Throughout the years I’ve longed to escape to those carefree days up in my tree house where the only rules were mine. I wanted to recapture that feeling I thought I’d never have again. Until now.”
Haugen further explains “It’s even better than your childhood treehouse. Here, it’s like a whole bunch of tree forts gathered in one place. And it’s more than a private sanctuary for owners and their autos,” he continues. “It’s definitely a community. Everyone wants friends – we want connection. People want to associate with like-minded individuals, and we have that here at Motor Vault.”
For the owners of these garages, Motor Vault symbolizes more than a practical storage option; it is a destination to unwind, socialize, and revel in the shared passion for automobiles. Haugen says, “Motor Vault is a place where memories are being made, friendships are forming, and it’s a unique sense of community that’s flourishing.”
Motor Vault provides the ideal space solution for all types of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, ATVs, and RVs. Ownership includes access to the common areas, a members-only club house, and monthly social events, including scenic drives for lunch, BBQs, game nights, parties, group trips, and much more.
“Some of us just got back from East Africa last week,” says Julie Skrei, Haugen’s fiancé and VP of sales and marketing for Motor Vault, who organized this journey after retiring from the luxury travel industry. “We get together with some of the owners for dinner regularly, too. Motor Vault is a lot of fun, even for the wives!”
Motor Vault has transcended its primary purpose of a storage facility and has evolved into a haven where passion and camaraderie thrive. Next to open, a location in Deer Valley which is easy to access from both the I-17 and 101 freeways.

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