Helping Scottsdale North patients to live their very best lives

By Michelle Talsma Everson
Photos by Kelsey Miller

The definition of “moxie” is a “force of character, determination, or nerve” – it’s a word that inspires thoughts of power and grit. That’s exactly what Jennifer Muff, ARNP, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, thought of when she created her new practice: Moxi Medical Associates.

“I got tired of the corporate world of medicine,” Muff explains. “I didn’t want to be told anymore how much time I could spend with patients. I believe in root cause analysis; essentially, taking time with patients and finding out what the cause of their symptoms is.”

Muff has been a registered nurse for 14 years with experience in a wide variety of medical settings, including everything from public health to women’s health, and family practice to ER. She eventually “wanted something more,” so she went on to receive her master’s of science in nursing and became an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). She grew up in the Valley and came back three years ago, she says, to live and work in Scottsdale North.

She opened Moxi Medical Associates, located at 8900 E. Pinnacle Peak Road, Suite D-6, in October 2020—a time when many businesses were closing down. Specializing in helping patients to feel their best, her practice offers hormone and thyroid replacement/optimization (HRT), relief from painful intercourse, diagnosis and treatment of vulvar disorders (dyspareunia/vaginismus), help with weight loss, restoring gut health, as well as treatment for frequent vaginal infections.

“When life leaves you exhausted at the end of each day, it can often feel difficult to find a solution that makes you strong and energetic again,” Muff says. “We’re here to tell patients that there’s no reason to feel less than their best. We specialize in helping each patient live a happier, healthier, and more youthful life with personalized care and restorative therapies.”

Given the sensitive issues she works with, Muff explains that there is often a lot of misinformation on HRT—which can benefit men, women and patients of all ages.

“I mainly see women and men in their 40s through 70s, but really, I treat everyone from teens to I have a recent patient who is 92,” she explains. “A lot of my patients come to me when they genuinely do not feel good and may have been to other places and are even told that something is not wrong with them. But they still feel tired, they may have sexual health issues, and more. We make sure to use root cause analysis to get to the root of what’s causing their issues and I make sure to listen to them. My appointments are often 1-1.5 hours.”

With her wide range of experience and expertise, Muff shares that Moxi Medical treats:
• Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men and women
• Issues with sexual health
• Thyroid optimization
• Reoccurring vaginal infections
• Nutritional supplements
• Weight loss support
• Advanced gut health

“The people who come to see me aren’t just numbers—they are my patients,” Muff explains. “Some come to see me after frustrating medical experiences elsewhere. I’m here to tell them, ‘No you’re not crazy. Your concerns are valid.’”

For those who are worried about having their medical concerns addressed during the pandemic, Muff assures that her office practices all of the COVID-19 safety measures. In addition, she offers telehealth visits through Zoom and phone calls.

Some other stand-out perks she offers are:
• For all patients, especially first-time ones, she offers a comprehensive consultation. This includes a symptom checklist and lab work.
• An emphasis on discovering root causes. “We listen to learn,” she explains. “Once we have your lab results, we take your care to the next level with a collaborative process in which we explore your history and the changes in your life.”
• Her focus is always on personalized treatment. “Our team will provide you with an integrated medicine treatment plan so you can heal and enrich all areas of your life.”

In addition, she does her best to give all of her patients the most cost-effective treatment possible. Because of her background in public health, she helps to connect patients with the resources they may need to live their best lives. And, as an experienced ARNP, she can prescribe needed medications and take FSA/HSA benefits.

“I do what I can for patients and try to help them with all of the resources that I can,” she says.

“Jen took the time to explain all facets of my lab work,” shares one patient. “I have not had any provider take that kind of one-on-one time. Very refreshing.”

In addition to her Scottsdale practice, Muff has a clinic in Dennison, Iowa, where she visits once a month. She’s also partnered and a busy mom of three. Even with her full schedule, she remains dedicated to her practice and patients. For those who are not feeling like themselves lately, a call to Moxi Medical might be a good start.

“You do not have to feel ‘unlike yourself,’” she shares. “If you feel ‘off’ and everyone you talk to seems to dismiss your symptoms, we know how that feels! Come check us out and we will help you to get started living your life to the fullest.”

To learn more about Moxi Medical Associates, visit or call 480-563-0634. You can also follow the practice on Facebook @moximedical.