Photo courtesy of PVSchools

Paradise Valley Unified School District’s North Ranch Elementary School is beaming with pride as young violin virtuoso, Benny Taylor, takes center stage in the local classical music scene. Recently featured on the renowned KBACH radio station, Benny’s exceptional talent has been captivating audiences and inspiring fellow students.

Having played the violin for eight years, Taylor’s dedication to his craft is evident in his impressive accomplishments. For half a decade, he has been a key member of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, even serving as concertmaster, which he cites as one of his fondest musical memories.
Taylor’s prodigious abilities are rooted in a rich family history of professional musicians who have devoted their lives to classical music. His mother, in particular, has been his greatest musical inspiration. With a deep affinity for the classical genre, Taylor’s favorite piece is “Millionaires Hoedown” by Herman Clebanoff, and he holds Friedrich Seitz in high regard as his top composer.

Despite his extraordinary musical achievements, Benny remains grounded and maintains a variety of interests outside the realm of music. North Ranch Elementary School and PVSchools couldn’t be prouder of their multi-talented student, whose passion and humility serve as an inspiration to all.