The Loki from 2012 has escaped from the Avengers after the events of Endgame. But now he faces a new problem: he is not in the proper time and that has the potential for disaster within the multiverse. A mysterious and otherworldly organization called the TVA recruits him to properly put things back together. Of course, you can never fully trust the motives of the trickster god. On Disney+ June 9.

The Mysterious Benedict Society
The main characters are four orphans, all with nothing in common, except that each has a been gifted with a superpower-esque skill that is unlike anything seen before. Add one rich man, who owns a boarding school, and wants to bring them all together for unknown reasons. Soon, they discover that his motives are pure and he wants to use their powers to stop a threat that may just destroy the world. Do they have a chance? Only if they can learn to get along and work as a team. On Disney+ June 25.

For most, if not all of us, a global event causing all technology to be rendered unusable is all the nightmare we could handle. Now imagine that event also causes you, and everyone else in the world, to be unable to sleep. That’s the situation that our unlikely heroes, a mother and her children, are dropped into. Soon, our insomniac mother discovers that her daughter could hold the key to allowing the world to sleep once again. On Netflix June 9.

America: The Motion Picture
You know the story of the Revolutionary War: George Washington chain sawed his way through the British army with his inebriated friend Sam Adams. Or something akin to that. Now the story comes to life in animation form from the guys behind The Lego Movie, with an all-star cast including Channing Tatum as George Washington. You’ve never seen anything like this and, to be honest, we may regret seeing it this time. Only time will tell. On Netflix June 30.

In Theaters
F9: The Fast Saga
Are you ready? The family we’ve followed for 20 years are back and are about to face their most personal challenge yet. Dom’s brother joins forces with their enemy, Cipher, and together pose a challenge to the entire world. Some old friends are back to fight alongside Dom and the family. With the stakes never higher for both the family and a film franchise, we see a return of veteran director Justin Lin. Can he keep this two decade franchise on the road of success? In theaters June 25.

Have you ever seen a movie inspired by a Twitter thread? Based on the wild thread by Aziah “Zola” Wells, what starts as a road trip through Florida to make as much money as possible dancing from strip club to strip club soon turns into an odyssey of betrayal and death. Critically acclaimed, with a breakout performance from Taylour Paige, this is one film not to miss. In theaters June 30.