Pieces of a Woman
This is a tragic tale that will be a tough watch for some. The life of a woman is shattered after a home birth fails. After the loss of her child, she spends the next year taking comfort in those close to her while trying to find her purpose. Unfortunately, this is hindered by her failing relationship with her husband as well as her overly strict mother. All the while, a public trial ensues involving the competency of the midwife and the tragic death of her child. A bleak yet still sincere and critically acclaimed film. Starring Vanessa Kirby. On Netflix January 7.

We Can Be Heroes
Robert Rodrigues returns to the style of Sharkboy and Lavagirl as well as the Spy Kids series. In a world where superheroes exist, they seem unstoppable and like impossible standards for their kids to live up to. Then, one day, a group of alien invaders capture all the world’s heroes, leaving its population defenseless. Now, the kids must learn to work together to understand their abilities, save their parents, and the planet. Featuring a cast full of great actors like Pedro Pascal, We Can Be Heroes is an exciting treat for families. On Netflix now.


Marvel’s first Disney+ show is a doozy. Wanda and Vision finally find their peace in a quaint town straight out of a 1950s sitcom. In fact, it very well might be out of several sitcoms from several decades. As they start to uncover the truth, a more sinister presence lurks to destroy the quiet, family life they’ve worked so hard to create. A uniquely funny, yet still epic and heartfelt series, WandaVision takes the MCU to a new place for its next chapter, bringing several familiar and new characters along with it. Starting on Disney+ January 15.

Amazon Prime

Sylvie’s Love
There’s always something fascinating about the idea of two lovers reconnecting years later, which is the set up to Sylvie’s Love. Tessa Thompson plays a young woman who reconnects with a summer flame and discovers that the love is still there. The performances from Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha are convincing in their passion as a couple. Combined with a unique atmosphere, this film is a must-see for romance fans. On Amazon Prime now.

One Night in Miami
Imagine a night where four icons converse over several hours. That’s the hook to One Night in Miami, which features incredible performances from actors portraying such characters as Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown. What starts as a celebration of the former’s recent victory turns into an in-depth conversation about their responsibilities in the fight for civil rights. The directorial debut of Regina King, the film is a nice showcase of how thrilling such a simple concept can be. On Amazon Prime January 15.