Dad Stop Embarrassing Me
Jamie Foxx returns to television (well, streaming TV) in a new series inspired by his relationship with his daughter. He plays an owner of a cosmetics store whose daughter suddenly moves in with him. On top of his business, he now has a renewed sense of fatherhood—one that his daughter may not be ready for. On Netflix April 14.

Shadow and Bone
In a world destroyed by war, a ray of light may have been found with Alina Starkov. A power that she finds and must control to train a new group of soldiers is her only chance of keeping the country she calls home safe. The forces that seek to destroy her may be closer than she anticipated. On Netflix April 24.

Thirty years ago, three men were found dead in the Redwood forests in Northern California. Each had been viciously torn apart. To many of the locals, this was the work of the Bigfoot. David Holthouse, a journalist, documents his search for the truth, only to find it’s more horrifying than anyone imagined. On Hulu April 20.


Made For Love
Sometimes love doesn’t work out and people grow apart. Unfortunately for Hazel, life and love are not that simple. Her ex-husband has taken his “love” too far and will not take no for an answer. Hazel unknowing has a a tracking device implanted in her and now her ex is searching for her. Starring Cristin Milioti and Billy Magnussen. Now on HBO Max.
Mare Of Easttown
A local murder is tearing apart a small town. The detective assigned to the case is dealing with a slew of her own personal issues and unfortunate personality clashes with several of the townsfolk. This makes her job to solve the murder more difficult. This dark boilerplate thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. On HBO Max April 18.