Imagine waking up trapped in a container and watching your oxygen supply slowly dissipate. That’s the exact situation actor Mélanie Laurent finds herself in in the thriller Oxygen. Her character must find a way out and quickly, all while trying to determine why she was put in box and who did it to her. Directed by Alexandre Aja. On Netflix May 12.

The Woman in the Window
Dr. Anna Fox has been stuck inside her apartment due to her agoraphobia, with little contact to the outside world. A new family is moving in across the street and changes that. Surprisingly, Anna quickly creates a friendship with the mother of the family. However, when she reports an attack that she witnesses through the window and it is disputed, her own reality begins to fall apart. Starring Amy Adams. On Netflix May 14.

Army Of The Dead
The zombie outbreak has happened! Luckily it was able to be contained to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, some of the regular people still have unfinished business in Las Vegas. This includes a former casino owner. He still has a lot of money stuck in the now zombie infested casino’s vault and he wants it back, so he hires a mercenary crew to get it for him. The crew is under the impression that these are just your run-of-the-mill zombies; they don’t realize that the undead have changed, and it will be a much more difficult job than expected. Starring Dave Bautista and directed by Zack Snyder. On Netflix May 21.


Star Wars: The Bad Batch
The Clone Wars have ended and the Empire has taken control. For a unique group of clones known as The Bad Batch, the journey has just begun. The lines between loyalty to their Empire and the mercenary missions they take on will become blurred as they traverse this new galaxy. On Disney+ May 4.

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The Underground Railroad
Imagine if the tunnels of the Underground Railroad were an actual railroad system. That’s the alternate universe presented by Moonlight director Barry Jenkins, adapting Colson Whitehead’s novel. Here, we witness Cora and Caesar’s journey to freedom. Will they survive and reach the promise of a new life? Will they be caught and sent back? Or worse yet, will they be captured and killed? On Amazon Prime Video May 14.