Rendering courtesy of Picklemall

Tempe is now home to Picklemall, an innovative and transformative concept for pickleball enthusiasts. Arizona Mills shopping center is the chosen site for the first of the nationwide chain of 50 Picklemall venues anticipated over the next two years.

Picklemall, backed by Steve Kuhn, founder of Major League Pickleball, represents an ambitious effort to redefine the pickleball scene in the United States, marrying the sport with technology and adaptive reuse of retail spaces. Kuhn’s experience and deep knowledge of pickleball are anticipated to significantly boost the game’s proliferation across the country, fostering increased community interaction through sports.

At its core, Picklemall is more than just a sports venue. It aspires to shape the future of pickleball by not only catering to the growing demand but also promoting technological advancements in sports. The focus isn’t solely on providing a space for the game but also creating a streamlined experience for players of all skill levels. This is made possible through integrated court cameras, a user-friendly mobile app for easy booking, and state-of-the-art facilities.

In addition to game scheduling and booking, the app allows users to share instant replays and refine their skills after each match. The setup also incorporates climate-controlled environments to ensure an enjoyable playing experience, regardless of weather conditions.

The Picklemall concept represents a clever solution to two major issues: decreasing vacant big-box retail spaces and the scarcity of adequate pickleball facilities. Pickleball’s popularity is skyrocketing around the country, with cities struggling to provide enough courts to meet demand.

Arizona Mills, 5000 S. Arizona Mills Cir., will breathe new life into one of its vacant big-box stores, transforming it into a sprawling space featuring 24 championship-style pickleball courts.

Arizona is emerging as the hotbed of pickleball growth, with courts sprouting up across the state. Picklemall capitalizes on this boom, betting on the new concept to solidify the sport’s presence. While scouting for the company’s first location, the founders identified Arizona as the perfect starting point. The state’s climate – sweltering summers, chilly winters, and frequent winds – adds a unique flavor to the game, further accentuating Picklemall’s climate-controlled environments.

The 100,000 square feet space that once housed the At Home store is undergoing a transformation into a state-of-the-art Picklemall facility and is set to open this month. Most courts will feature cameras, allowing players to generate social media-ready clips of their game.

Arizona Mills Picklemall is set to take the pickleball world by storm, offering a fresh perspective on how the sport can bring communities together and repurpose retail spaces.

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