The holiday spirit will shine brighter than ever in a quiet local neighborhood as residents of Acoma Drive prepare to mark the remarkable 30th anniversary of their cherished Christmas Eve Luminaria Lighting tradition. This heartwarming event, spanning three decades, will once again transform their meandering half-mile-long street into a breathtaking spectacle of over 1,000 white luminarias.

The 30th Annual Acoma Drive Christmas Eve Luminaria Lighting, a beloved and voluntary community effort, will commence at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 24. Residents of Acoma Drive, spanning from 32nd to 28th streets, will join hands to light up this half-mile stretch between Thunderbird and Greenway roads. The evening will begin with a driveway social at 3010 E. Acoma Dr., open to both neighbors and passersby, starting at 6:15 p.m. An eagerly anticipated guest, Santa Claus, will make his appearance at 6:30 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to bring snacks to share and serving utensils to enhance the festive gathering.

Jerry Porter, the event’s coordinator, expressed his admiration for the enduring spirit of unity among Acoma Drive neighbors. “What an amazing testament that neighbors along Acoma Drive have come together for 30 Christmas Eves to add the magical glow of holiday light to our neighborhood and community,” says Porter, who, along with his wife, Susie, co-founded the event in 1994. “The luminaria lighting has become a neighborhood holiday tradition that showcases the camaraderie of residents along Acoma Drive.”

Since 2003, this annual luminaria display, often referred to as “the street of a thousand glowing lights,” has been dedicated to honoring or remembering individuals of significance to Acoma Drive residents. These individuals have included first responders, military service members, and beloved family members who have passed away. This year, as the 30th anniversary approaches, the display will be presented in honor of all current and past Acoma Drive neighbors, as well as the sponsors who have supported the event throughout the years.

Ann Wong, a former Acoma Drive resident and local Realtor, has been the generous sponsor of the event for the past three years. She provides the white luminaria sacks free of charge to all households along the street, ensuring the tradition continues to shine brightly. Past sponsors have included Realtors Angela Cline Zimmerman, Andrea Loukota, and Terri Welch, along with caterer Bruce Brown.

The luminaria tradition began on Christmas Eve in 1994, with approximately half of the households along Acoma Drive participating, using assorted colored luminaria sacks, some with intricate cutout designs. Over the years, the display has evolved, with the continuity of white sacks lending a unique and distinctive charm. Now, with the enthusiastic participation of nearly 90% of Acoma Drive’s residents, the luminaria tradition has become an integral part of the holiday season for the entire community.

As the 30th Annual Acoma Drive Christmas Eve Luminaria Lighting approaches, anticipation is building for this heartwarming event that has not only illuminated the street but also the hearts of all those who have been part of this enduring neighborhood tradition. For more information, email [email protected].