Photos courtesy of “UFO Experience”

The “UFO Experience: The Truth is Out There,” a one-of-a-kind attraction that explores the history and fascination of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, is now open at Arizona Boardwalk.

The family-friendly “UFO Experience” poses the question, “Do you believe we are alone in the universe?” and piques the curiosities of visitors of all ages regarding UFOs and alien life. Arizona Boardwalk’s newest attraction is full of tales of abductions, stories of human-alien contact, and in-depth accounts of some of the most famous unexplained phenomena like Roswell and the Phoenix Lights. Guests can watch videos and listen to recordings of famous UFO sightings worldwide including citizen videos, government documentation, military footage, and real plane-to-air-traffic-control calls placed by pilots seeing what can only be described as unidentified flying objects! The journey through “UFO Experience” takes guests through multiple galleries that also span such topics as galactic travel and propulsion, the military’s role in modern UFO sightings, and ancient alien encounters.

Those who love sci-fi movies and celebrities are sure to love the exhibit’s Pop Culture Gallery, dedicated to tinsel town’s most memorable space productions like “ET” and “Alien!” And what’s more exciting than a UFO sighting? A Hollywood celebrity with a UFO sighting! Guests will marvel at the laundry list of well-known stars who have admitted to a UFO and/or alien encounter. Review the wall of fame—and their stories—at the “UFO Experience!” This wildly entertaining yet highly informative attraction also features many incredibly immersive exhibits all ages will enjoy including “Alien Hunter,” a laser shooting game, an interactive digital US map pinpointing UFO/alien sightings in various states, a variety of “alien” selfie/photo opportunities, and a “moon walk” (bounce) for pint-sized visitors.

“The UFO Experience: The Truth is Out There” is the only UFO attraction in the country,” says Managing Partner for Arizona Boardwalk, Ran Knishinsky. “This is an entertaining, educational, and interactive exhibition that focuses on aliens, UFOs, abduction phenomena, and even alien influence on human civilization. We are so excited to share it with everyone: skeptic or believer! It will certainly make you wonder if we exist alone!”

Tickets for “UFO Experience: The Truth is Out There” are $19.95 for adults, $15.95 for children, $17.95 for military and can be purchased onsite or online at “UFO Experience” is located on the second floor of the Arizona Boardwalk entertainment destination, 9500 E. Via de Ventura, above Sugar Drop candy store and adjacent to Arizona Boardwalk anchor attractions OdySea Aquarium and Butterfly Wonderland.