Every year at this time we sit down and begin to formulate the coming years resolutions.

Typically they revolve around all the goodies we ate over the last month and we resolve to get in shape, fix the things that did not go as planned the previous year and make goals for the upcoming year. How did that work out in the past? Yeah, me neither. This year I would ask that you expand the new years resolution to your home!

According to the US Census bureau, the typical American moves on average every five years. Most of us believe we will be in our homes forever but statistics say different. As Realtors, we meet with homeowners every day who say they want to move but need to “fix” a couple things on their current home first. Many times it is fixing a shower, painting, replacing a worn out appliance… Once they get those items fixed they will be ready to list their home. Why not consider fixing those items this year? Why should those items be repaired just for someone else to enjoy? Why not enjoy them yourself?

If you do decide to sell your home in the next couple years you would need to spend the money and repair those items anyway. Would it be nice to have freshly painted walls? Take a shower in the not-so-broken bathroom? Have company over and be proud of how things look? You deserve it! Make the time to repair and replace the items that you know need replacing. Your year will be more enjoyable and if you decide it is time to move on you are that much closer!

The Prickett Group and newbuildagent.com wish you the very best for the upcoming year!