Dear North 32nd residents and business owners:

I hope your summer is going great!

Here in the Valley, storms and flooding can strike quickly and lead to rapidly changing conditions. Monsoon season is from June 15 to September 30; storms peak between mid-July and mid-August. For tips on how to protect your home, loved ones and personal property before, during and after a storm please visit

Before, during and after these storms and flooding hit, our Phoenix Fire and Police Departments’ first responders – and Phoenix Street Transportation Department employees work around the clock to keep residents safe and our roads clear. Please take a moment and join me in thanking them for all of the extra work they do during monsoon season!

City of Phoenix Elections
• August 28, 2018 – Special election for ballot propositions

• November 6, 2018 – Special election for Mayor and Ballot Proposition

• March 12, 2019 – Special election for Councilmember in District 5

• August 27, 2019 – to elect the Mayor, and Councilmembers in Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7

• August 24, 2021 – to elect Councilmembers in Districts 2, 4, 6 and 8

The Phoenix City Council is considering changing when city elections for Mayor and City Council are held from August and November of odd-numbered years, to the fall of even-numbered years at the same time as the statewide elections. This is often referred to as “consolidated elections.” For additional information please visit

Phoenix Police – Now Hiring
Also, please help spread the word that the Phoenix Police Department is hiring. If you or someone you know would like to join the team now is the time. For additional information please visit

Debra Stark
City of Phoenix
Council District 3
[email protected]