By Jenna-Lee Neff

After building a successful career in social media marketing, Desiree Martinez, who just moved to the North 32nd neighborhood, is opening up to share her trials and experiences along the way in her first book, “Innovation from Desperation: The Unfiltered Failures & Successes of an OG Social Media Marketer.”

“It is a business memoir about all the highs and lows of being a woman business owner at the dawn of social media marketing,” Martinez describes the book. “You will laugh, cry, and want to take a ‘shelfie’ with this book.”

The book, which recently released on Amazon, interlaces Martinez’s experiences in building her career and reputation as a social media guru while giving the readers insightful tips on becoming better content creators. While sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of her own journey, she also coaches the reader on finding innovation and sharing it with the world.

“I love how everything and everyone becomes accessible with a couple of thumb scrolls,” Martinez says. “I have been able to build a global network of friends and clients, I have gotten to reconnect with old friends, share my life with friends and family when I am too far away to access, and find amazing businesses and brands to love on.”

Married in 2013, Martinez became a military spouse balancing her business and the demands of a growing family through deployment and duty. The primary breadwinner for her family as her husband recovers from PTSD, she found the marketing books currently on shelves to be amazing, but they fell short of creating a personal connection with her.

“No one was talking about the balance struggle of being an entrepreneur, wife and mom that I was going through,” Martinez shares. “Additionally, I have done so much with social media and these mini-stories have value and a lesson I wanted to share.”

The book is now available on Kindle or paperback format from

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