Contributed by the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department is in the early stages of design for a project that will make pedestrian and roadway safety improvements to the North 32nd Street Corridor. This project was originally focused on the section of North 32nd Street between East Shea Boulevard and East Cholla Street, but the boundary was recently expanded to include East Cheryl Drive to East Cholla Street. The primary features for this project will be the addition of non-continuous landscaped medians with turn pockets to prevent collisions and guide traffic.

On February 17, the department held a virtual public meeting to discuss in-the-works design illustrations with the community. This was the second virtual meeting for the project, with the first being held in May 2021. A video recording of both meetings and additional project details is available at

Ongoing design and project planning will address the following items:
• Right sizing the roadway for current and anticipated traffic volumes.
• Widening sidewalks for pedestrian safety.
• Reconfiguring dedicated bike lanes.
• Increasing the landscape elements along the corridor.

The Street Transportation Department is also working to have a public art component included.

Work on the final project design will begin this spring, with construction scheduled to start in winter 2023 after completion of the city of Phoenix Water Services Department’s Drought Pipeline Project.