Founded in 1999, PACC911 (Phoenix Animal Care Coalition) brings together over 140 animal rescue partners throughout Arizona, most in Maricopa County, by uniting them and offering opportunities to work together for the greater benefit of the animals serveD.

PACC911 assists coalition partners by lifting the burden of some of the major challenges that rescues face daily, thus maximizing the numbers of animals that can be saved.

PACC911 provides large scale outdoor Adopt-A-Thons in a variety of cities and venues, where partners can showcase adoptable animals and meet new adopters. PACC911 markets the events on radio, tv, outdoor, and print ads. Thousands of animals have found their new homes at well- known and well attended events.

Their signature program is the Critical Care Program which offers their partners financial assistance to defray the high cost of veterinary care for sick, injured, or abused animals. This allows their rescue partners to “intake” thousands of animals who otherwise would have no chance at life. Their partners depend on these funds to save the lives of the most vulnerable animals. In 2023 alone, the program impacted close to 1,750 dogs and cats; and since inception in 2012, close to 10,000.

As the population in Arizona continues to grow, the animal population grows in accordance, and it is clear that the existing county shelters are ill equipped to house the numbers of animals who are now residents of our counties and state.
Because of this dire situation, PACC911’s rescue partners have stepped up and elevated their role in the community, saving thousands of animals who otherwise would have no safe havens when given up or abandoned. The shelters are simply unable to intake the numbers of animals in need and it is PACC911 and its partners helping to make a difference in these lives, giving them a place to land.

PACC911 also has a pet food pantry to help low-income families keep their pets in the home. Chuck Waggin’ Pet Food Pantry serves about 200 plus families keeping pets fed.

By supporting PACC911, you are helping to support 140 rescues in Arizona who collectively saved over 30,000 animals in 2023 when shelters were unable to accommodate them.

Their website displays a gallery of animals who have benefitted from their programs with the help of donors. While a picture says a thousand words, these transformations will leave you speechless.

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