Photo courtesy of LetsRideKids

Two Paradise Valley brothers, Ishan and Sahil Bagai, set out to address a daily challenge faced by countless families: the logistical nightmare of ferrying kids to school and various activities. Their brainchild, LetsRideKids, an app-based carpooling platform launched in 2022, offers a unique solution to this modern-day puzzle.

Ishan, a student at Brophy Preparatory High School in Phoenix and an environmental sciences and robotics enthusiast, recently was one of five prestigious recipients of the Nobel Good Earth Sustainability Scholarship, presented by the National Society of High School Scholars for his work . This award spotlights young individuals who fervently advocate for conservation, sustainability, and the preservation of Earth.

Joining forces with his younger brother Sahil, a tech-savvy student at Basis Scottsdale, their combined experiences, which ranged from participating in science competitions to leading 3D printing clubs at school, fueled their determination to bring their idea to life.

LetsRideKids stands out in the saturated world of apps because it’s not just about sharing rides; it’s about fostering community ties and promoting sustainability. The premise is simple: drivers list rides with available seats, and passengers can search for drivers headed in the same direction. This arrangement ensures that kids travel with familiar faces from school or neighborhood activities, creating a safer environment and fostering long-lasting relationships.

The brothers recalled an instance when, after being ferried around town by their parents for various activities, they noticed their peers heading to the same destinations in separate cars. This realization birthed LetsRideKids, aiming to pool resources for a greener, more efficient solution.

Beyond convenience, safety is paramount. The app boasts many safety features, such as driver’s license and identity verification, live geo-tracking during rides, and an in-app chat and calling system. Furthermore, users can rate drivers and passengers, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness.

Ishan and Sahil’s commitment extends beyond the virtual realm. They believe that by reducing individual car journeys, they can foster closer community bonds and contribute to a sustainable future.

Although the Bagai brothers had the vision and design for the app, they relied on freelance developers to bring their creation to life. Launched earlier this year, LetsRideKids, accompanied by its supportive website, seeks to revolutionize the way parents and communities think about daily commutes.

The free app, currently available on the App Store and Google Play, might introduce a subscription model if it gains traction. But for now, the brothers are focusing on their mission of uniting communities, making daily rides safer, and contributing to a greener world. For more information, visit