Peoria Hosts Free Business Tax Workshop
The city of Peoria is set to host a free business tax workshop aimed at educating local businesses about sales and transaction privilege tax (TPT) regulations. Scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 6, from 9 a.m. to noon, this event promises to be a valuable resource for business owners and entrepreneurs in the area.

Experts from the Arizona Department of Revenue will lead the workshop, providing in-depth information and guidance on TPT tax applicable to businesses. Attendees can expect to gain insights into tax compliance, reporting procedures, and other crucial aspects of business taxation in Arizona.

The workshop will take place at Peoria City Hall in the Pine Room, located at 8401 W. Monroe St. This central location offers convenient access for business owners throughout the city.

Registration for the event is now open and interested participants are encouraged to secure their spot as early as possible. To register, visit

Peoria Residents Invited to Engage in City Council Meeting on December 12
The city of Peoria invites its residents to connect and participate in the upcoming city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 6 p.m. This regular meeting, to be held in the council chamber located at 8401 W. Monroe St., offers a platform for community members to stay informed and involved in local governance.
Residents seeking to prepare in advance can access meeting agendas and detailed information at the city’s official website, These resources provide valuable insights into the topics and decisions that will be addressed during the meeting.

For those unable to attend in person, the city of Peoria ensures accessibility through live broadcasts. The meeting will be aired on Cox Channel 11 and on YouTube through the Digital Peoria channel. This multi-platform approach ensures that every resident has the opportunity to stay engaged with the city’s developments and decision-making processes.

Peoria to Implement Service Fees for Credit Card Payments
Starting January 1, the city of Peoria has a new policy regarding service fees for payments made via credit or debit cards. This change will affect all utility payments and business license transactions conducted using these payment methods.

Over the past six years, the city has absorbed credit card service fees totaling approximately $772,000. These fees are charged by credit card companies for processing transactions. In a move to allocate these costs more equitably, the city will introduce a 2.8% service fee on all credit and debit card payments, with a minimum charge of $1.95 per transaction.

Residents and business owners can avoid these additional fees by opting for alternative payment methods. The city recommends using ACH electronic funds transfers or e-check payments, which are not subject to these service fees. In these transactions, customers provide their routing and checking account numbers to facilitate the transfer of funds directly from their bank accounts.

For further details and guidance on these upcoming changes, residents and business owners are encouraged to contact the city at 623-773-7160. This policy change is part of Peoria’s ongoing efforts to manage costs effectively while continuing to provide high-quality services to its community.

Peoria City Council Approves Partnership for State-of-the-Art Real-Time Crime Center
In a significant move to bolster public safety, the Peoria City Council has given the green light to an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). This collaboration paves the way for the establishment of a Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) in Peoria.

Thanks to this agreement, DPS will allocate $2.6 million to the city for setting up and operating the RTCC. The proposed location for this advanced facility is the Pinnacle Peak Public Safety Complex. This initiative represents a major step forward in integrating modern technology with law enforcement and community safety strategies.

The RTCC is designed to centralize a variety of technological tools essential for crime investigations, community policing, and crime prevention. Its primary mission is to streamline resources, focusing particularly on high-crime areas, ongoing criminal activities, and significant public events requiring law enforcement or fire-medical intervention.

Mayor Jason Beck expressed strong support for the project, emphasizing its importance in maintaining safety across Peoria’s neighborhoods and commercial districts. Current plans indicate that preliminary design and development work for the RTCC is already in progress. The expected completion date for this state-of-the-art crime center is set for late 2024, marking a significant advancement in Peoria’s commitment to public safety and community well-being.