Peoria’s Arts and Culture Grants Open for Applications
The city of Peoria is accepting applications for the 2024-25 Arts and Culture Grant Program. This is an opportunity for nonprofit arts organizations and Peoria-based creative sector businesses to apply for financial support for programs, performances, and events that inspire, enhance, and support the pursuit of creative endeavors in Peoria.

There are new categories this year including Peoria-based arts organizations and emerging entrepreneurs in the creative sector. The “theatre” category has expanded to include spoken word and performance art.

For the first time, community events and HOAs can also apply during this new funding cycle. Unlike previous years when funding was awarded on a rolling cycle, this year’s event and HOA applications must be submitted within the grant cycle. No additional applications will be accepted after the cycle closes on May 6.

First-time applicants for the grant program are required to attend an in-person or online training session between Monday, March 11 and Friday, April 6. Returning applicants are encouraged to also attend a training session. One-on-one appointments to answer questions are available on a limited basis between April 1 and 22.

The application period closes Monday, May 6. Applicants can apply at
Peoria City Council Approves $13.5 Million Loan for New Water Facility
The Peoria City Council recently voted unanimously to authorize a Water Infrastructure Financing Authority of Arizona (WIFA) loan not to exceed $13.5 million for the new Sunset Vista Reservoir & Booster Pump Station. This station will store and distribute water from the five new wells drilled with the CAP/LPP Wellfield project. The site will include a new reservoir, and a booster pump station, to be located next to the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal and Lake Pleasant Parkway.

Peoria has been storing renewable water underground for many years. The new wells will be able to recover that stored water if needed during a worst case scenario where Peoria’s water allocation from the Colorado River is cut to zero. This additional infrastructure is needed to ensure Peoria has sufficient backup capacity for existing residents and businesses.

The combined project sites are partly located on private land. The Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) owns the rest of the land. Once Peoria signs an agreement with the private landowner and the council approves it, drilling for two of the wells could begin as soon as this month. Peoria expects to acquire the rights to the land for the other three well sites and easements from the state by November.

This project is projected to cost $63.5 million. In addition to the WIFA loan, the project will be paid for by grants, including a COVID-19 Stimulus grant. Completion for this project is scheduled for spring 2026.
Peoria Chamber of Commerce to Host Health & Wellness Business Showcase at ASU West Valley
The Peoria Chamber of Commerce is holding the Health & Wellness Business Showcase on March 28 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Arizona State University West Valley Campus, located at 4701 W. Thunderbird Rd., in Glendale.

This event is designed to foster B2B networking, workforce development, and educational growth within the health and wellness industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore a vendor hall featuring a wide range of businesses and services dedicated to health and wellness.

A highlight of the showcase will be three educational sessions aimed at enriching participants’ knowledge and skills in the field. Among the speakers, Dr. Jenna Ross, CMPC, LAC, owner of Renew Performance, LLC, will deliver a session on goal setting as part of her “Mental Fitness” series. Dr. Ross’s insights are anticipated to be a cornerstone of the educational offerings, providing valuable strategies for personal and professional development.

Admission to the Health & Wellness Business Showcase is free, as is parking for the event, underscoring the chamber’s commitment to accessible community engagement and professional development. For more information, visit