The Peoria Arts Commission has proudly unveiled the 2023-24 Arts Grant Program, a fantastic opportunity for nonprofit arts organizations and Peoria-based art businesses to secure much-needed financial support. This initiative aims to foster creativity, bolster artistic endeavors, and strengthen the arts community within the city of Peoria.

Following approval from the mayor, council, and the arts commission, this year’s grant program is designed to reach Peoria residents through a variety of art forms and programming. The funds will not only help maintain nonprofit arts programming but also provide crucial assistance to for-profit art businesses. As a result, Peoria’s thriving arts scene will continue to flourish, engaging and inspiring the local community.
With the 2024 application deadline set for May 7, interested parties are encouraged to act quickly to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity. The application process is simple and convenient, thanks to Submittable, an online platform designed to streamline the submission process. Applicants can visit to access the necessary forms and guidelines.

The Arts Grant Program is an exceptional example of the city’s commitment to enriching the lives of Peoria residents through the arts. By supporting both non-profit and for-profit organizations, the program ensures the continued growth and success of the local arts scene. Don’t miss this chance to contribute to the vibrant, artistic spirit of Peoria – apply now!