By Michelle Talsma Everson

The city of Peoria is expected to add 100,000 new residents by 2040, which means that careful planning and usage of precious water resources is at top of mind for city officials and planners.

Some of the latest water improvements and news, according to the city and recent reports, include:
• A sustainable water source now reaches the west side of the Aqua Fria River, supplying water to the Vistancia area and the Upper Westside.
• The City of Peoria has been granted a “Designation of Assured Water Supply” from the state. This essentially affirms that at least 100 years of water is available to the city’s existing residents and future residents.
• Three of the city’s water plants are all undergoing expansions. Different timetables vary per plant.
• The city’s water capital improvement plan has a preliminary budget of $152 million and the city’s wastewater capital improvement program has a preliminary budget of $140 million, according to the city.
• Most notable to northwest Peoria residents is the new Pyramid Peak Water Treatment Plant, which, when completed at the end of 2021, will serve growth in the Upper Westside.
• The city is currently expanding its reclaimed water system to make more water available for local residents to use for irrigation and other uses.
• After seeking community feedback earlier this year, the city is updating their sustainability plan. “Past sustainability efforts have provided a solid base for us to build upon, but we are always looking for ways to improve,” says Cape Powers, Peoria director of water services. “The updated plan will help us adapt to changing conditions, such as increasing concerns related to water availability, and more directly reflect the views of our residents. Our goal is to ensure that providing for our community’s needs today does not impact the ability to provide for the needs of future generations.”

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