The Peoria Police Department (PPD) has announced the opening of enrollment for its Spring 2024 Citizen’s Academy, an innovative program designed to foster a greater understanding between citizens and law enforcement through direct interaction and education.

The citizen’s academy is tailored for individuals who live or work in Peoria, aged 18 and over, offering them a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the PPD. It is an ideal opportunity for those curious about a career in law enforcement, eager to learn more about the local police department, or simply looking for an enriching experience.

Spanning 10 weeks, the academy allows citizens to observe and actively engage in the multifaceted roles of police officers. Participants will meet every Wednesday evening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., primarily at the Peoria Police Department Headquarters, delving into the everyday responsibilities and challenges faced by law enforcement.

The curriculum is extensive and interactive, covering a wide array of topics including animal control, victim’s assistance, use of force, firearms safety, and defensive tactics. Additionally, the program includes modules on active threat response, traffic investigations, 911 dispatch/communications, and the Eyes & Ears Program. Participants will also gain insight into specialized units such as DUI, Street Crimes, Drugs, K9, SWAT, Crisis Negotiation, Criminal Investigations, and the Public Affairs Unit. It should be noted that the topics are subject to change.

A key component of the citizen’s academy is the Community Oriented Policing philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of transparency and cooperation between the police and the community they serve. This philosophy is at the core of the academy, aiming to build trust and mutual respect through the exchange of information and experiences.

The upcoming spring 2024 session is scheduled to start on February 21 and run through May 1. As spots are limited and tend to fill up quickly, interested individuals are encouraged to enroll promptly to secure their place in this unique program.

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