This spring, the city of Peoria is once again set to transform its neighborhood parks into bustling hubs of community engagement and entertainment with the return of the much-anticipated ParkFest events.

These gatherings aim to weave a tighter community fabric by bringing together residents, community services, and public safety initiatives.

Scheduled to span several weeks from early April to early May, the ParkFest series kicks off at the Willow District’s Alta Vista Park on April 5, and concludes in the Mesquite District at Sunset Park on May 3. Each event is slated to run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., offering an evening of free, family-friendly fun.

The series is designed to foster connections within the Peoria community by introducing neighbors to each other and to valuable city services. Through engaging activities and entertainment, ParkFest attendees can learn about resources available to them, enhancing their awareness of public safety and other municipal services.
Here’s a closer look at the scheduled events:
Willow District ParkFest will light up Alta Vista Park, located at 10631 W. Williams Rd., on April 5. This kickoff event promises an evening filled with interactive activities aimed at all ages, ensuring that every family member finds something to enjoy.

Acacia District ParkFest is set for April 20, at Ira Murphy Park, located at 7230 W. Cheryl Dr. The event is expected to mirror the success of its predecessors, with an emphasis on local talent and services showcasing what makes the Acacia district unique.

Palo Verde District ParkFest takes the stage on April 27, at Paseo Verde Park, located at 7561 W. Greenway Rd. Attendees can look forward to a blend of entertainment and informative sessions that highlight the importance of community cohesion and public safety.

Mesquite District ParkFest wraps up the series on May 3, at Sunset Park, 29698 N. Sunrise Point. This finale is anticipated to be a grand celebration of community spirit, offering a memorable evening for residents of the Mesquite District and beyond.

By hosting these events in neighborhood parks, the city not only utilizes public spaces for communal enjoyment but also underscores the importance of public safety, neighborhood resources, and community services.

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