The annual Mayor’s State of the City Address is an opportunity for the Mayor to present the city’s accomplishments and future goals.

Recently, Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat debuted her State of the City, “Bright Horizons,” in the form of a video series that residents can watch at their own convenience.

The State of the City video series celebrating community members, local businesses, and accomplishments throughout the city can be seen at anytime at

The video series, in order, includes these topics:
• Bright Horizons
• A Strong and Resilient Community
• Peoria’s Exceptional Quality of Life
• Peoria’s First Responders
• Supporting Local
• Strengthening Peoria’s Economy
• Looking Forward
“This past year showed us the power of a stable foundation and a connected community,” says Mayor Carlat. “We kept our eyes on the horizon and we have emerged stronger and more resilient than ever. I hope residents will join me on a video journey as we celebrate the state of our city to recognize the great work that we have been able to achieve over the last year and how we continue to guide our city to achieve our greatest potential.”

The videos are also available for viewing on Peoria Channel 11, which is the city’s official television station. For additional information, visit