By Jenna-Lee Neff

In April, Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat held the annual State of the City address where she shared the city’s accomplishments and future goals over the course of four community events around Peoria.

“The city of Peoria is a remarkable community that continues to be top-ranked and nationally recognized,” says Mayor Carlat. “This annual event is an opportunity to celebrate Peoria’s journey while affirming our commitment and goals as we improve our community and bring value to Peoria families.”

This year, the State of the City acknowledged multiple awards and recognitions Peoria has received including Best City to Live, Work and Play in Arizona by AZ Big Media and the city’s AAA Bond Rating. The program also highlighted community members, local businesses, and the addition of 30 new public safety positions, modernization of Peoria’s main library, and expansions to public infrastructure.

“I remain focused on elevating our community and taking action that positions Peoria for a safe, secure, and prosperous future,” Mayor Carlat shares. “Peoria residents can expect continued focus on smart planning to ensure we stay ahead of growth and that we remain good stewards of our water supply by expanding our reclaimed water infrastructure to high-growth areas. In addition, Peoria remains focused on intentional economic development that supports the right industries in the right locations, and quality jobs for our skilled workforce. This strategy has positioned Peoria well and with significant momentum in several strategic areas; we remain committed to strengthening Peoria’s robust economy.”

Now, for residents who were unable to attend the events in-person, they will be able to stream the “Bright Horizons” video series from home at their own convenience at

The video series, in order, includes these topics:
• Bright Horizons
• A Strong and Resilient Community
• Peoria’s Exceptional Quality of Life
• Peoria’s First Responders
• Supporting Local
• Strengthening Peoria’s Economy
• Looking Forward

Mayor Carlat says this year’s State of the City was a celebration of Peoria’s journey over the last 68 years and taking the address on the road to multiple community events was an effort to bring the government to the people. She shared the importance of tuning into the State of the City address, even for those who missed the live events.

“Local government is the closest level of government to the people and one of the most impactful,” she says. “Peoria is proud to have an entire team of skilled professionals dedicated to serving Peoria families each and every day. The annual State of the City is an opportunity to connect with residents and highlight how Peoria is working daily to enhance the quality of life for families today, and those of tomorrow.”

The videos are also available for viewing on Peoria Channel 11, the city’s official television station, Facebook at @CityofPeoriaAZ, and YouTube at @DigitalPeoria. For additional information, visit