By City of Phoenix, Council District 3
Councilwoman Debra Stark

The Phoenix City Council recently approved a new ordinance regarding short-term vacation rentals to address issues and minimize the negative impact to neighborhoods that many residents have brought to our attention over the past couple of years.

While short-term rentals are convenient for many people visiting the city, and they are a great way for homeowners to supplement their income, they must be operated responsibly.

“Last year, the Arizona Legislature passed a law that allows cities to create a registry and prohibit non-residential uses and uses that would otherwise require a permit or license. Phoenix’s ordinance is consistent with state law.

The ordinance will require owners of short-term vacation rentals to register with the city and provide contact information for emergencies and complaints.
The owner must also post contact information inside the rental in a conspicuous place. When requested by police, the owner or designated person must respond within 60 minutes by phone or text after receiving the request. Multiple contacts may be listed.

Additionally, the ordinance outlines an enhanced penalty structure. A first violation is $500; a second offense on the property within 12- month period is $1,000; and the third and subsequent offenses within a 12-month period will incur a $1,500 penalty per offense.
The Phoenix City Council heard from many residents on this issue—some who were supportive, and some who were not. We know that this issue impacts many, not only in Phoenix but statewide. As such, the State Legislature has an ad hoc committee assigned to address the impact of short-term rentals on Arizona communities.

For more information on Phoenix’s short-term vacation rental ordinance, please visit the City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department’s website at