Phoenix Water’s mascot, Hopper, is a friendly desert toad that represents stormwater education. In Hopper’s newly released activity book, “Hopper’s Stormwater Adventure,” students go on a journey to discover what happens to rainwater that flows into the storm drain. One of Hopper’s most important messages is that stormwater runoff flows untreated into washes, rivers, canals and retention or detention basins and it’s the community’s duty to protect the water.

The activity and coloring pages throughout the ten-page book teach students how to protect stormwater and prevent pollution in the storm drain. Hopper takes students through a maze to learn where stormwater goes on page three. On page six, students fill in the blank using a secret code teaching them how to protect stormwater. Students test their knowledge on pages seven and eight by selecting which Hopper is preventing stormwater pollution. By the end, students will know that only rain belongs in the storm drain.

The activity book is available for download on Phoenix Water’s digital education page, Water Education from the Cloud. In addition to Hopper’s activity book, the water education page offers water conservation resources for all ages including activity books for Phoenix Water mascots Wayne Drop and Loo Poo, games, learning videos for kids and adults, and lesson plans for the educators to use at home. The webpage provides fun learning entertainment for the whole family.

Phoenix Water continues to add new content to the page throughout the year. To download Hopper’s new activity book, and check out Phoenix Water’s digital education page, visit To learn more about stormwater in Phoenix, visit And remember, only rain in the storm drain!