In July, Phoenix experienced record-breaking heat streaks that made last month extraordinarily hot. The sweltering conditions show no sign of breaking in August, with more excessive heat warnings expected. Maricopa County Department of Public Health emphasizes that everyone is susceptible to heat-related injuries, regardless of age, health status, or duration of residence in Arizona. And the National Weather Service continues to caution the public to take the heat seriously, recommending Valley residents to avoid extended time outdoors. Without effective and adequate hydration, the soaring temperatures pose a serious health risk.

Staying Safe During an Excessive Heat Warning: Practical Tips
As this relentless heatwave continues to impact the Valley, it is imperative for residents to prioritize their safety and health.

Stay Cool
1. Restrict your outdoor activities to the cooler hours of the day, such as mornings and evenings.
2. Seek out the nearest cooling center, which offers free access to air conditioning and water.
3. Never leave children or pets unattended in a parked car, as temperatures can rapidly escalate to deadly levels.
Stay Hydrated
1. Drink copious amounts of water throughout the day.
2. Avoid consuming alcohol or drinks high in caffeine or sugar.
3. Follow guidelines for adequate hydration when partaking in moderate activities in the heat.

Stay Informed
1. Familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses.
2. Keep up to date with weather forecasts for temperature, humidity, and UV index.
3. Regularly check the National Weather Service’s heat risk map.
4. Keep in regular contact with friends, family, and neighbors who may be more susceptible to heat exhaustion or stroke.

Be SunWise
1. Limit sun exposure with sunglasses, hats, and lightweight clothing.
2. Use SPF 30+ sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

As the heatwave continues to bear down on Phoenix and surrounding cities, it’s crucial to heed these safety tips and stay aware of local advisories. Your safety and well-being are paramount during these unprecedented times of extreme heat.